March 24, 2013

Clean-Eating Principles

It's printable, guys :)
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March 15, 2013

March the 13th, 2013

This will be the day I'll remember for the rest of my life.
The day I saw you sleeping peacefully with the sheer white veil on top of your face. You looked so pretty, my dear, so beautiful. You had been always become my definition of beauty.

Everything's blurry. Like it was a dream. Like it was a vivid scene of a fantasy movie that everyone knows it can't be true. Or maybe this just something I refuse to believe in.

Oh the memories inside my head....

Do you remember the way we always sat at the corner right table of the classroom, just because it's the farthest distance from the teacher's seat?
Do you remember your old Nokia 7650 that we used to take all those embarrassing selfies?
Do you remember how we were always teamed up together to make your english essays homework?
Do you remember the way we were passing those cheating paper during exam and how we tried to recite all those cities on the map before facing our cruel Geography teacher?
Do you remember how we secretly competed each other for the best result in the class? And how we ended up switching ranks and comforting each other by the end of the day.
Do you remember our secret plan to sneak out of the class every time we were bored? And on how we collected those Amal Jumat money from the entire class just to walk out of the classroom and feel the breezing wind outside?

I still remember the way you talked about your boyfriends.
I still remember your secret affairs and the way you regretted it right after.
I still remember the history of your love life, timeline, kaleidoscope, and what you thought about each and every one of them.
I still remember clearly your handwriting and how you twirled your hand using those colored pen.
I still remember the way you laughed out loud and the way your chin sharpened every time you smile.
I still remember your quirkiness and I still hate the fact that you were so lazy to comb your hair.
I still remember the scent of your old purple room, those pretty wallpapers, that giant Elmo doll, and the banana telephone which has the loudest tone ever.
And oh my, I can't even believe that I still able to recite your phone numbers, Dar. All your phone numbers from three different providers. :')

Oh those things are still lingering on my mind, even until now. This very second. God, I miss you, I miss you now, then, and forever. I miss you already.

It breaks my heart that I have to face my life knowing that you're gone. You're gone too soon, sweetheart. Too soon.

Yet. I know you're going to a better place, a place that will embrace your beauty and kindness. A place that suits you the most for you're as beautiful as an angel. No, you are an angel to me. You always are. And you are the most beautiful angel up there, I believe.

You always stood out of all people by your cute character and your big heart, those of us who got to know you were very lucky for having crossed paths with you, you now have God by your side.

I know you're no longer here, but please be okay with the fact that you'll always be in my heart and I won't let those memories of you disappear. I love you, my dear.

Rest in peace, Amandara Zahra. 17/08/89 - 13/03/13

Heaven must be an even better place now with the sound of your quirky laughter :')

March 13, 2013

(Not My) Wedding Post

This post is about the most lovable celebrity couple that caught my eyes recently. No, am not talking about Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, they will always be my most favorite couple (or ex couple) in the whole entire universe. It's the second close, particularly. But since Johnny and Winona broke up long time ago, so yeah, this couple is probably climbing up into the first place.

I'm talking about Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Falcone. You don't know who they are? Well, you better read this post until the very end, you won't regret it.

Tom is the main vocalist of the band McFly from England. Remember the "it's all about you~, it's all about you baby" song? Good song, right? 

Why the hell am I talking about this England pop band in my blogpost anyway? Okay so here's the story. They just had their wedding last year. A beautiful wedding, if I may say. Handsome groom, awesome bestmen, beautiful bride, pretty flower decoration yadda yadda yadda.

Well every wedding suppose to be beautiful, yes. But this one is special. 

Few weeks ago, I read it  from my Twitter timeline, my co-worker, Anindhita, tweeted: 

Translation: Sobbing hard while watching this --> My Wedding Speech

So my curiosity apparently led me to something even more beautiful. The video showed me how amazing Tom as a human being. I mean, the creative-clever idea popped inside his brain before he poured it into those lyrical words, all the efforts to make it special and unique, and especially the way he looks at his new wife, Gi (abr from Giovanna).

It was so perfect. Simple, yet perfect. Imperfect, but perfect. Perfect from all those imperfections. 

It's a video that makes me smiling, giggling, chuckling, laughing, and crying. Even it creates those effects to me until now. 

It's not something amazing like a magic super show or those things you saw on national TV, no it's far from that. It is a really down-to-earth, common, cover song like those videos you saw in Youtube, but Tom successfully made it so emotionally special because it was on his Wedding day.

Okay, won't say much. Just watch it on your own:

To bring it more amazing into so many levels, apparently this video reached more than 9 million views and still keep counting. Even he, himself, really shock upon this awesome feedbacks.

Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech has racked up a whopping 2.4 million views on YouTube in just three days.
The 27-year-old McFly star was shocked to see the video had gone viral, having previously admitted that he’d ‘only really put it up to share it with family’.
He tweeted this morning: ‘Over 2 million views in a couple of days! That’s crazy nuts! :)’ The singer has been criticised for uploading the touching footage the same week as his bandmate Harry Judd’s wedding photos were published in Hello magazine, especially taking into consideration he and Giovanna Falcone tied the knot in May last year.
Defending his awkward timing, he tweeted: ‘I read that article about me posting it to try and “steal Harry’s thunder”. I had no idea his wedding article was coming out this week!’ (Source:
Yeah Tom, I personally don't care if you're trying to steal Harry's thunderlighting or not. But you made it, dude. I bet thousand grooms out there are purposely postponing their wedding after the brides see your videos.

I love every single thing on the video, but especially I really, like- really, able to feel how much Tom loves Gi in every way. It's beautiful. I don't know if it was because of the sentimental melancholy side of mine or not, but I watched this video for like, hundred times already. I even remember all those lyrics inside my head, and now I'm able to tell you each name of their bridesmaid with perfect spelling and tone.
Love, is beautiful indeed. Especially when you're not afraid to show it to the world.
Congratulation for your wedding, dear Tom & Gi, go make pretty babies and leave it to Dougie to become a Nanny for them, he'll love it. :p

Last but not very least, a picture of McFly as a bonus~


March 12, 2013

une tasse de café et un verre de bière

The girl at the cafe didn’t notice me at first. She didn’t realize that I lived right around the corner and that I stopped by almost every day after work to stock up on enough caffeine or sometimes beers to get me through my homework, if not the evening as a whole. Sometimes I brought a friend or two along and we’d put our heads together and power through whatever new horror our bosses had assigned us that day. But I always seemed to get sidetracked and I’d prop my chin up in one hand and send more than subtle glances in her direction as the girl at the café steamed milk and stirred lattes, every now and then smiling her gentle, off-hand smile. It seemed like everyone knew, that everyone had heard how one day she would look over and see me and I’d walk right up to her and tell her how beautiful she was and how she haunted all my waking dreams with her quiet, mysterious air and deep green, thoughtful eyes. Although it didn’t exactly happen that way, it was pure chance the day we met, for even then she didn’t believe in fate.
“You come here a lot, don’t you?” I can’t help but say that I nearly choked on my Guiness Black Lager. She was speaking to me, noticing me, acknowledging my existence! And as I have yet to assume otherwise that people do anything but splutter like an idiot when first interacting with the love of their life, I feel like I set a good first example.

“Yeah, I live around here.” I gestured vaguely around us with one hand, wincing slightly as I lost my grip on my pencil and it clattered the floor beside me.

I wish I could say that she’d laughed, but I suppose I was the only one who found my stupidity amusing at the time. She mere offered me a small grin and a raised eyebrow as she leaned forward against the counter, propping her chin up in one hand, studying me. “Around here, huh?”

I nodded, deciding that for the time being it would be best to leave my forgotten writing utensil lying where it had landed and rolled under the table for, all my stupidity aside, we were having an actual conversation! I opened my mouth again before I really knew what I was going to say, but she saved me from further humiliation as she continued, reaching up to push a lock of short brown hair out of her face. “I just moved. We’ve been here since the end of the summer and really all I’ve seen so far is the inside of a café.”

But the strange thing was that she didn’t sound disappointed by that, or sarcastic. It was as if in her mind, if all she saw for the rest of her life was a café, that was okay and she would eventually learn to make the most of it.

“Well maybe I could show you around some time.” The words were out before I could think, before the influence of her quiet, lovely beauty could make me hesitate. “You know, so you could see something other than the inside of a cafe.”

“You? Show me around?” Again, I couldn’t tell what she thought of my offer, so I got defensive.

“I mean, do you happen to drink coffee  everyday?” I asked her beyond my curiosity.

“Not really, I drink whatever I had in mind.” She shrugs her shoulder lightly, and I notice her sense of vague.

“Really, so here’s my question; coffee, tea, chocolate or beer?” and there goes my lines, watching her every inch of moves before I found out her answer.

“Let’s see. All those were my favorite drinks, exclude the chocolate-“

“Why?” I cut her off again and it took all I had not to breathe a sigh of relief after she put her genuine smile on her face.

“My life’s just too bitter to taste sweetness again.” Whisper her quietly, knowing that she made me more curious in that state of mind. “So I guess, my answer depends on who am I drinking with.”

“What if it’s me. What would you choose when it’s me your drinking with?” and I keep on asking her, like her lines were just never enough to stop this conversation.

“Coffee then.” She said, sipping on her latte, “Because it suits you the most. Hot, smells good, and I kinda want to keep my nervousness insides.”

There goes me speechless hearing her answer. It took a millisecond for me to realized that it was a warm compliment for me. A genuine one, I’d proudly say.

“Okay, can I get a beer, then?” I asked, pretending to keep my wide smile unnoticed.

“Your call. But may I know why?” I could guarantee that she expects a good answer from her question so I was thinking hard to reply her with a smart answer but I just couldn’t dig it inside my brain.

“Well,” said I, “to loosen up the nervousness”. Hell yeah. A pretty smart line, I assumed. For I saw her smile follows after.

“Nice try, but I have to tell you in advance. Whatever you might choose, the nervousness will stay as long as it’s me you’re drinking with.”

She teased me. She, was, teasing, me. Could it be more obvious than this?

I laughed along with her reply, as I was really glad this conversation went smoother than what I had in mind since long ago.

“Indeed,” I added to the laugh, “and it’s already started.”

“Really?” She cut me off again with her raised eyebrows.

I stood up, making my way back to the counter where I came to a halt in front of her, rolling my eyes ever so slightly at her curious face.

“Ye…” I would have continued, but before I realized what was happening, the girl at the café had reached over and grabbed my hand, pulling it up onto the counter in front of her. She grabbed a pen from beside the register and bent down to scribble something across my palm (left handed!). The smooth tips of her fingers felt cool and tingly against my skin as the ballpoint formed a small, loopy number nine near the pad of my thumb.

“My number.” She said, “And I did nothing yet, though.”

She was smirking while continue to walk to her table as I stood there like a statue. Then she looked back at me, waved her left palm and said “I’m Scarlett, by the way.”