May 18, 2013

[UPDATE: WINNER] My First International Giveaway

Here I am again and welcome to my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. First of all, I want to share a bit of what I am going to give as the prize. This giveaway is not sponsored by any kind of institutions or stores or shops out there. This is actually a sneak peak of what I am going to grow in any time sooner, yes I am planning to establish an online shopping business and I am personally excited about it, yaay :D

So yeah, I have 1 Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise color (which is my favorite color), and this watch is made from leather and decorated with studded and CZ diamond on the side. It is cutely designed, and if you guys love to watch Korean Drama you'll probably like this one because it is imported from Korea and it will make you look much cuter, believe me it will. 

Hit the jump and see how this cute watch can add some spices in your daily outfit~

May 17, 2013

Unboxing Lolabox - May Edition

Woke up this morning to the knocking sound on my door, and it turns out to be a surprise beauty box from The Lolabox. Yay! :D And then I found myself rushing to unbox it because I couldn't hold my excitement. I mean, look at this cute box with tons of surprise gift inside!

So before I continue about writing what's inside the box, let me introduce about this and tell you why I'm so excited in getting this.

The Lolabox, well, as you may see, it's a beauty box. What makes it different than the other beauty boxes is that this beauty box trends is finally come to my country, and Lolabox is one of the pioneer in its segment and industry in Indonesia. Moreover, I just found out recently that this start-up company invented by my own relative, Christian Sutardi.

So after felt so proud of him, congratulate him and stuffs, I decided to be a nice cousin to him by ordering this box on my own, and this way I also able to testify the greatness of his start-up company. What a really nice cousin I am, huh Christian? :D

Anyways, just like any other beautyboxes, The Lolabox is a subscription-based beauty company that delivers beauty samples into the hands of awaiting costumers is proud to provide women of color the opportunity to explore the latest skin, hair and nail products at a minimal cost.  To learn more about subscribing to The Lolabox or becoming a brand partner please visit

Okay so let's just hit the jump and see what's inside the box, shall we? :)

May 13, 2013

Clean-Eating Grocery List

I love shopping. Who doesn't?

Well, basically I just really love spending money. Which is probably why I cry in my checkbook by the end of every month, but that's another story. 

So since I live a healthier way, I kinda change my shopping habit a little bit. I used to stay at the chocolate and snack aisle in the supermarket for quite long but these days I really forbid myself to go there.

When it comes to shopping for fresh food, it can get overwhelming in a hurry. Look, the key to a fresh pantry and fridge is "less is more". And you see that buying so many veggies all at once in a month is not so good because it lasts only for a while and you'll ended up throwing up them on the 2nd week of the month. 

So here's my tip: divide your grocery shopping schedule into two times a month. 

As a busy working woman (phew! :p), I understand the difficulty in always having fresh on hand. You can't always run to the grocer, and sometimes you want to just reach into the cupboard/freezer/fridge and have something almost make itself. I get it. Having a few tried and trues on hand helps with those harried days and nights, will make mealtimes run smoother, and still keep your diet clean.

What exactly is a clean diet? It may vary from person to person but for me it is one that contains unprocessed, whole foods. Here are some tips for going 'clean', as well as a list of some things I always try to have on hand for quick meal prep. Again, I am not a dietitian nor a nutritionist, this is just something that I do for my life and it helps me a lot with losing fats. Or weight, you may call it.

Oh anyway, if something sounds unfamiliar to you, do a little research. I am constantly learning about new, interesting, good-for-you foods. You, too, will be amazed at the options out there.

Hit the jump and I have five main tips to start your clean diet and grocery shopping list, here we go:

May 5, 2013

Short Update: Will be back (and better) soon!

Hi guys!
So this is just a short update of what I'm currently doing.

Apologize for the lack of posts, lately I was quite sick and needed more rest and I am also having a minor surgery on Monday (which is tomorrow).

Am good, not really a big deal, just something really needs to be taking out of my body for a better health :D

The weight loss journey still continues, and it's not done yet. I'll be back in a better condition and I promise you I'll blog more once I am fully recovered.
So yeah, thank you for patiently reading and waiting, your feedbacks are always appreciated. I love you even mooaaar :*