January 8, 2015

The Sweet Remains

Tomorrow will end like when yesterday started. Things looks the same but something has changed. It has nothing but there is something. Although it is unspoken, it isn’t forgotten. 

I cannot believe it is 2015 already. The jetpack roller coaster 2014 ended so gracefully, it’s as if I was blinking to an empty space. So here it is, not my first cup of coffee in 2015. Yet it begins. Some were bittersweet, some were tragically beautiful, some were…. clearly unforgotten, the memories. And what remains of 2014 shall forever remain in the very corner of my dim, somewhere. 

You know what's very cool with 2014? I got to see your eyes.


So anyways, may your door get knocked by a grey pointy hat wizard offering you some great adventures in 2015 that will drag you away from your comfy chair right there. Tschau!

To listen to: The Sweet Remains