April 28, 2013

Sexy in Sweat

Nike Junkie

NIKE , 827.290 IDR / NIKE sports bra, 291.600 IDR / NIKE legging, 247.860 IDR / NIKE , 243.000 IDR / NIKE activewear top, 311.040 IDR / NIKE sneaker, 1.516.200 IDR / NIKE , 385.065 IDR / NIKE hat, 165.460 IDR / The Clip "I can't hear U" in Black 50% Off, 330.915 IDR / Nike Sport Water Bottle, 75.060 IDR

If you think that you can't look good and nicely dressed when you're doing workout, I will prove you wrong with my writings here. You are going to sweat and burn, and sometimes look tired and fucked up, yes. But it doesn't mean that you can't embrace your beauty and look fabulous while sweating. 

Here's the thing about doing workout, whether you want to go to the gym, training with your teammates, or go to your yoga class or simply just running outside, you can boost up your confidence by wearing a set of comfortable sportswear that actually helps you to do every kind of workout moves smoothly.

Let me tell you, wearing a sassy and cute gym clothes can inspire you to get moving, trust me. Somehow you're gonna feel you look awesome in your sportswear and there's no reason not to. If you decided to give your all in the gym or while running outside, why not doing it in style?

I know you aren't there for a beauty contest. Well, it's not that I'm telling you to go all out with full hair and makeup, but there are two important reasons to invest in some cute workout clothes. 

Let's just hit the jump for more workout outfit ideas~

First: as I said before,  fabulous clothes will motivate you to exercise. If you buy yourself some cute workout clothes or maybe just a pair of very cool running shoes, you will have this desire to wear them, right? And the only perfect moment to wear your cute workout outfits is by literally going workout, nothing else. When you spend the money on fabulous new sport bras and yoga pants, you'll naturally feel guilty if they sit in the very bottom of your clothes. This helps get you out and hitting the treadmill in no time.

Second: you never know who you might run into. Cliche (as the title of my blog), but it's true. Unless you workout alone in your dorm room (which I do most of the times), you're bound to run into someone you know when you're exercising. Do you want to be seen in ratty sweats and a stained oversized tee? Errrr, I don't think so. Hey, you might be meeting your future husband while exercising! Or maybe Ryan Gosling is currently at the gym! Or maybe Ryan Gosling is your future husband, who knows?


So anyways, girls, look your best and you'll be confident no matter who you bump into.

Thanks to the existence of Polyvore, I'm able to suck on many inspirations and ideas to mix up my workout clothes. As you can see on top of this post, I put one of my most favorite set mostly from my most favorite brands, Nike. Oh too much 'most', sorry. 

I am a Nike Junkie, lol. But seriously they got the best fabric in terms of workout outfits. I own that exact sport bra, and it costed me half than the price stated below the picture. Discount hunter over here~ :D

So anyways, pants. Whether you're doing yoga, or using the elliptical or going for a run, comfortable workout pants are the essential part of your gym wardrobe. I personally choose a tight fitted pants or sport legging for my flexibility workout days such as yoga, pilates or some weight training, because it will wrap your legs (and butt) nicely and shows your muscles. With all the curves that I have, tight fitted pants is gonna make me look sexier, like, it emphasizes the curves. Who doesn't want to look sexier anyways?

But for cardio workout days, I kinda prefer a loose cotton/polyester material. Something really light but so comfy like I'm wearing my pajamas, you know, that kind of training pants you ended up using to go to sleep, either it's the long length ones or just under my knee or a really short training pants. Something that's not too tight. I don't know why but I just can't do a proper run or jump rope exercise if I feel like my legs are being wrapped. 

I give you the example like the Black Nike Tempo Track in the set below. 

work it.

DC Shoes sweatshirt hoodie, 752.085 IDR / Joie shirt, 660.960 IDR / NIKE , 291.600 IDR / NIKE , 408.240 IDR / NIKE lining shoes, 1.265.605 IDR / NIKE mesh duffle bag, 437.400 IDR / Nike Sport Watch GPS, 1.642.675 IDR / Pure Balance Water Bottle, 272.160 IDR

Since I'm not a marathon runner, my idea of a good workout tops is a basic tank top over a sports bra. A good sports bra is so important for comfort and support. Believe me, you don't want them to be jiggled that much yet you don't want to feel like you're being tied on your chest either. Choose the one that you're really comfortable with. Choose the one that maybe costs you a little more expensive than your regular bra but I'm sure it's going to help you with your Minnesota Twins, if you know what I mean.  

I'm going to recommend you a Nike Women's Pro Victory Compression Bra that you can find in any Nike stores in your town, they'll never out of stock for it, I believe. It is well padded, so you don't have to worry about your nips. 

And over the good quality sport bra, I prefer to wear a loose tank top just to cover the part of your belly that you don't want to show. Or you can also wear an active padded tank top wear and cover it up with a cropped-T exactly like the style of ballet trainer. Play with the color, mix them and match them with your bras, pants, and towels or bags.

I'm gonna say that the sets below is also my kind of workout outfits. 


Fat Face leather hoodie, 631.750 IDR / Mango tee, 291.500 IDR / NIKE sports bra, 289.170 IDR / Under Armour , 242.900 IDR / NIKE shoes, 1.373.530 IDR / Tech accessory, 408.240 IDR / philosophy , 160.380 IDR / philosophy , 160.380 IDR / Urbanears Bagis, 465.540 IDR


Object Collectors Item transparent top, 611.295 IDR / H&M t shirt, 120.185 IDR / NIKE , 340.200 IDR / NIKE sports bra, 291.600 IDR / Urbanears , 465.540 IDR / Nike Sport Watch GPS, 1.642.675 IDR / philosophy , 160.380 IDR / Essie , 77.760 IDR / Lifefactory - Glass Bottle 0,6l, 252.575 IDR / Tech accessory / Dream Closet / Amazon.com: Nike Lady Free 3.0 V4 Running Shoes - 9 -...

So pants, bras, tops. What else? I'm not gonna talk about shoes or sneakers because I think it really needs to be handle professionally and personally and I think the really stylish ones which also athletically great just don't exist. Mostly shoes, that are great for workout, just doesn't look really cute and stuffs, you know. 

But if I may choose what I really want to have right now, it'd be a pair of this Nike WMNS Free+2 Turquoise. 

Nike Shoes in the color of Tiffany&Co's trademark? Top wishlist.

Aside from all the things I mentioned above, you can always add a little bit more of cuteness and sassiness with accessories. Yoga mat, towels, bag, sport cap, water bottle, gymsacks, earphones, headphones, socks, and your favorite sport jackets or hoodies. Anything. All of those items can be included as a workout outfit sets to make you look fabulous in sweat. Don't be afraid to mix things up and experimenting with colors, because whatever that makes you look good will increase your confidence level which is very good to motivate you in doing workout.

So, that's up for today. I should really stop here before I continue to rumble about the cute colored yoga mat I saw in the Sport Station store which not so important to write about.

Thank you for reading. If you have anything to say, feedbacks, tips, questions, or someone to talk to, you know I'm up for you. Just hit me on the feedback comments below~



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