March 26, 2014

Dear Nana: The One with Drizzly Songs and Running-Away Shoe

First thing first, I apologize for the delay. After a long pause I finally managed to organize my thought bit by bit and wrote another letter for you. Thank you for the thumb, it was one beautiful confession you wrote about me. You see, we never had the chance to be that completely honest (and cheesy) whenever we met in person. You are the Joey to my Chandler, I mean, they shared a sweet yet awkward hug when times are rough and I think we, perhaps, have it a bit, the similarity. Yeah, I know it has been far too long, I gotta see you real soon, I hope. I need to see the three of you. *sigh*

While thinking of our times, the past, present, and all possible futures that may or may not happen, I made this playlist I wanted to share with you. It's a mini mixtape of some songs I like a lot, yet actually I'm not really sure that you'll like it as much as I do, but I hope you do, though. I really hope so. 

Some song portrays me a lot, I think I daydreamed too much lately. Lol. I like spending my time alone and thinking about everything, small things in life that somehow been ignored by most people. 

I might as well suggest you to listen to this mixtape while you're in a coffee shop. Sit by the bar with the glass windows and look out. Look at all the people running to catch busses. All the girls with one too many shopping bags. All the couples too in love to care. Then perhaps you’ll see it - a bit of yourself in everyone. And somehow, sitting alone in a coffee shop had never felt so good.

There goes again, a tiny piece of melancholic wandering mind of me, hahahaha. Well, you knew me.  :)

Anyway, here it is. Have a good time listening, and... until we meet again, soon! 

please do not bother my messy handwriting >.<

Playlist: Drizzle
Mood: warm cup, long breaths, and the journey of wondering
Tracks : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
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March 25, 2014

Across The Universe

"We are all made of stardust."  a poetic yet factual sentence that tells the truth. Every element on earth, was created in the heart of some massive stars. Thus makes us, too, a star in each our own wellbeing, alive and breathing. 

I have to admit that I haven't been doing very well lately, yet I managed to survive and that makes me even stronger. I realize that despite the fear and the bruises of life, one has to keep on fighting for one's dream. And one has to understand that being brave is not the absence of fear, but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear. 

I, just like any other, have fears. Aren't we all? Fear of sadness, fear of being forgotten, fear of death, fear of loss. I have fears, to the point that they brought me down before they pushed me back to the surface. 

Things I learned from that experience are to never let my fears control me, to never let them taking over my universe, to never let them decide what kind of life I should live. We decide our own happiness. When we really want something in purpose of happiness and the balance of life, say it, feel it, and let universe makes it happen. It will, surely, happen. Let universe works, let it conspires, let it be, like how it should be. 

Let me tell you a secret: the universe we're living in, is much more amazing than what you think it is :)

words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup // they slither wildly as they slip away across the universe~

se / mes / ta
to listen to: jai guru deva 

March 20, 2014

Time Travel: Billiton Island

I’m a gonna build myself a time machine // On particle physics and the power of steam // It runs on diesel oil and Donnie Darko daydreams...

March 19, 2014

Playlist: Save The Whales

Playlist of March 2014: Save The Whales
Mood: Dreaming
Track: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15
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These songs are basically what I often listen to in these past 2 weeks. I got so many questions inside my head yet I originally am a happy wonderer from the beginning, so yeah. I dream quite a lot, both, day- and nights. And I dream of happy places, most of the times. A peaceful space. I guess that is the reason why I have always wanted to do something that will make this planet a better place. I want to end poverty. I want to end hunger. I want to hug more trees.  I want to save animals. I want to save the whales! 

Anyway, happy listening and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Once upon a time in Balearic Archipelago: Mallorca Island