I'm not really sure whether this blog and this page, could help you to find whatever you're looking for. But then, I always am unsure of so many things in the universe, so yeah. Here's some explanation:

My name is Bunga Istyani, and that explains the initial 'B' I put as a footnote on my blogposts. An avid coffee drinker and would rather put ices in the black coffees instead of sugar. The bitter the better.

24/7 hungry and there's nothing, I repeat, nothing, stand between me and Nutella (this also applies to Pizza and Sate Ayam). Provide me with one of those treats on the table then I will probably listen to whatever you want to say.

Born and live originally in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 1989. Curious human being yet happier with wondering. Observe things instead of judge. Hug trees and talk to strangers. Fall for the waves, long sighs, windy afternoon, and flowers. 

Eat books, drink music and drown in movies. Grew up alongside with Tolkien's, Chandler Bing, Freddie Mercury, and Star Wars. Think that Johnny Depp is the hottest man alive and Winona should really get back with him. Most times relating the similarities between a situation and The Beatles' songs. 

Spend most of leisure times watching the sky. More of a winter person that dances barefootedly on summer days. Believe that there is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for.

Cherish moments. Love laughters.


This isn't a fashion blog, nor a beauty blog, nor a fitness blog. This blog is my personal rambling blog and it mainly contains things I love and my daily yadda-yadda living thoughts which probably not so important enough to read.

Oh anyway, am not a native english speaker. So, please be gentle and let me learn some more :)


Feel free to voice your feedbacks here and maybe, just maybe, I'll share my pizza with you.


All the pictures posted here are not mine unless it stated otherwise or there's my watermark stamped on it. I usually tried my best to put the sources. If you are willing to take my contents outside then please provide a complete information to me in advance, or else I'd be very grumpy about it.


Questions, advertisement, projects, inquiries, advices, sarcastic notes, critics, good vibes, submissions or anything you happen to need from me: just fire it away. 


1. It is just another blog around the corner
2. It may bore you
3. You are hoped to have an enjoyable stay here

With that being said, in a nutshell: my blog is all about my living thoughts, daily rambles, and some weird things I happen to pay attention to. Come on in, take a sip and stay a while.