April 24, 2013

My Way of Losing Weight

So, I got plenty of questions from my friends, asking about what did I do to lose all those fats in my body.

Well, I used to be fat, yes. Especially after I came back from Germany where I gained more than 11 kilograms. Dammit, I blame to all those Nutella and French Cheese I ate every mornings. 

But anyway, after a lot of struggling points, I made a U-turn. 

Long long time ago, I was an athlete. A regional captain of basketball team back when I was in highschool. Oh those good memories, the sweat, the spirit, the popularity, and all those highschool crush. Snap!

Anyways, I stopped doing basketball because I personally choose to stop. I was bored, I think. And I already felt that I played too much basketball. So during my college, I rarely play it again. Sometimes I did play a bit but definitely not as much as when I was in highschool.

And then I went to Germany, and eating all those heavenly fatty foods and I gained weight and I couldn't stop gaining weight and I became fat.

This year, 2013 if you're reading it from the future, I met someone who finally slap me and made me realize that I am not what I used to be and I CAN be what I used to be. Healthy and toned. That particular someone was tickling my competitive side that apparently had never left my mind. The spirit is actually deep within me and now it gradually comes out and challenging me once again.

So I practically changed my lifestyle, and so ready to work out to gain a toned body that I used to have. Hit the jump, read more and I warned you: you are about to see the not-so-dramatically change in me in a before and during self portrait.