March 13, 2013

(Not My) Wedding Post

This post is about the most lovable celebrity couple that caught my eyes recently. No, am not talking about Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, they will always be my most favorite couple (or ex couple) in the whole entire universe. It's the second close, particularly. But since Johnny and Winona broke up long time ago, so yeah, this couple is probably climbing up into the first place.

I'm talking about Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Falcone. You don't know who they are? Well, you better read this post until the very end, you won't regret it.

Tom is the main vocalist of the band McFly from England. Remember the "it's all about you~, it's all about you baby" song? Good song, right? 

Why the hell am I talking about this England pop band in my blogpost anyway? Okay so here's the story. They just had their wedding last year. A beautiful wedding, if I may say. Handsome groom, awesome bestmen, beautiful bride, pretty flower decoration yadda yadda yadda.

Well every wedding suppose to be beautiful, yes. But this one is special. 

Few weeks ago, I read it  from my Twitter timeline, my co-worker, Anindhita, tweeted: 

Translation: Sobbing hard while watching this --> My Wedding Speech

So my curiosity apparently led me to something even more beautiful. The video showed me how amazing Tom as a human being. I mean, the creative-clever idea popped inside his brain before he poured it into those lyrical words, all the efforts to make it special and unique, and especially the way he looks at his new wife, Gi (abr from Giovanna).

It was so perfect. Simple, yet perfect. Imperfect, but perfect. Perfect from all those imperfections. 

It's a video that makes me smiling, giggling, chuckling, laughing, and crying. Even it creates those effects to me until now. 

It's not something amazing like a magic super show or those things you saw on national TV, no it's far from that. It is a really down-to-earth, common, cover song like those videos you saw in Youtube, but Tom successfully made it so emotionally special because it was on his Wedding day.

Okay, won't say much. Just watch it on your own:

To bring it more amazing into so many levels, apparently this video reached more than 9 million views and still keep counting. Even he, himself, really shock upon this awesome feedbacks.

Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech has racked up a whopping 2.4 million views on YouTube in just three days.
The 27-year-old McFly star was shocked to see the video had gone viral, having previously admitted that he’d ‘only really put it up to share it with family’.
He tweeted this morning: ‘Over 2 million views in a couple of days! That’s crazy nuts! :)’ The singer has been criticised for uploading the touching footage the same week as his bandmate Harry Judd’s wedding photos were published in Hello magazine, especially taking into consideration he and Giovanna Falcone tied the knot in May last year.
Defending his awkward timing, he tweeted: ‘I read that article about me posting it to try and “steal Harry’s thunder”. I had no idea his wedding article was coming out this week!’ (Source:
Yeah Tom, I personally don't care if you're trying to steal Harry's thunderlighting or not. But you made it, dude. I bet thousand grooms out there are purposely postponing their wedding after the brides see your videos.

I love every single thing on the video, but especially I really, like- really, able to feel how much Tom loves Gi in every way. It's beautiful. I don't know if it was because of the sentimental melancholy side of mine or not, but I watched this video for like, hundred times already. I even remember all those lyrics inside my head, and now I'm able to tell you each name of their bridesmaid with perfect spelling and tone.
Love, is beautiful indeed. Especially when you're not afraid to show it to the world.
Congratulation for your wedding, dear Tom & Gi, go make pretty babies and leave it to Dougie to become a Nanny for them, he'll love it. :p

Last but not very least, a picture of McFly as a bonus~