April 1, 2014

Forever Before It's Gone

Tuesday has become my most-awaited day of the week for it's my seeing-florist-kind-of day! It is listed in my 2014 resolution that I want to help much more flowers fulfilling their life purpose and it has became a routine for me ever since. You know, some people might say something like 'if you really love a flower, don't pick it up or it will die'. I'm not saying that I am against it but on the contrary to popular belief, I'd do the other way around. I'd say it is okay to pick flowers as long as you appreciate the way they should be appreciated. 

Flower grows, flower blooms, flower, like every single living thing in the universe, eventually dies. And this makes me think that before it dies, why don't I let it fulfills one of its life purposes, adding beauty to its surrounding, bringing a touch of happiness for the eyes that will see them. 

Again, I believe that it is okay to pick flowers, put them nicely in a vase on the table, let them decorate your room, your wall, your house, let them decorate your soul. While some flowers are meant to bring another life unto this world, some, are meant to be happiness bringer. And it's not just for the feast of the eyes. It is way more than that. 

Thus, you can find me every Tuesday morning strolling around the tiny flower shop two blocks away from my office, having conversation with the florist and sometimes the delivery guy, and if I'm really really lucky I could get much more second hand flowers as a bonus. I don't mind though, they're still pretty and it makes me happy to see them bloom for once again in their life. 

If making or seeing another people happy makes you happy, then I believe those flowers feel the same way too, the happiness from letting people happy just to see them.