May 18, 2013

[UPDATE: WINNER] My First International Giveaway

Here I am again and welcome to my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. First of all, I want to share a bit of what I am going to give as the prize. This giveaway is not sponsored by any kind of institutions or stores or shops out there. This is actually a sneak peak of what I am going to grow in any time sooner, yes I am planning to establish an online shopping business and I am personally excited about it, yaay :D

So yeah, I have 1 Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise color (which is my favorite color), and this watch is made from leather and decorated with studded and CZ diamond on the side. It is cutely designed, and if you guys love to watch Korean Drama you'll probably like this one because it is imported from Korea and it will make you look much cuter, believe me it will. 

Hit the jump and see how this cute watch can add some spices in your daily outfit~

So, this is what it looks like:

Too bad this time I can only provide the Turquoise color. 

What do you think, cute right? And I'm not just gonna leave that here for I want to embrace the usefulness of my favorite site: Polyvore. So I made some sets of this watch to inspire and give you ideas of what you can do with this watch to be mixed and matched with your daily outfit. 

Without further adieu, here are the sets I made~

The first set I made is practically my allday attire, a pair of White CT Converse low, blue Dondup Skinny Jeans, and a white washed sweatshirt. That Campomaggi Tote Bag on the right is what I actually dream of having T__T. Yep, I normally don't fancy a branded bag or stuffs, but that brown one is just too good to be true. You see with the watch, this look would be much stylish in so many levels. Simple yet casually attractive. 

The second set I made, I paired the watch with this Warehouse Ombre Loose Tank, and this will be awesome for your afternoon walk to the mall with your friends and I bet your friends is gonna jealous with your look. 

The third one looks more feminin but still casual. I just want to prove to you that the studded won't make it looks tougher and boyish, no. Oh and by the way, I really love that Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume I put in the right under. You should try that if you're fancy some sweet and classy scents.

This one is another sweet and feminin look but I add that cropped jeans jacket to make it chic-er and not too girly to balance the Ombre Dress. Oh what is wrong with me and the feminism. :p

Okay enough with the femlooks, this one is another casual set I'd love to wear, just some sweatshirt, sling bag, and a pair of casual sneakers. 

Nope, it wont ruin your office attire. Adding the watch will surely make you look even better. Beside, you need to keep up with your tight schedule and deadlines at the office, right? 

Okay enough with Polyvore-ing, do you want to have that watch? Because you actually can! 

Here's how to enter the contest: first of all, subscribe to my blog. On the upper right of my sidebar you'll see a Flowery Bralet, click on it and enter your email address. Make sure you confirm the link that sent to your email address.

And also this is how you can officially join the International Giveaway. Yes, I ship internationally and I'll pay for the shipping cost to your door, worry not :)

Feel free to join~


If you want to share the banner, just grab that one in the very first of this post, save as and feel free to post it on your social sites to add more chance of winning this giveaway. 

The giveaway will go until June the 18th, 2013. Any entries received after that date will not be included. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me through my email I will pick the winner through a random generator so let's just cross the fingers and hope to win the Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch. Wishing you a bunch of Good lucks~! 



Hi guys, the giveaway is finally ended and I want to sincerely thanking everyone of you who participated in the giveaway, I didn't expect the response would be overwhelming and I am tremendously happy to read everyone of it. Again, thank you so much I love you~ :*

So, about the winner, here it is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS! You will be contacted via email very soon and please enjoy the prize!

I'll be having another giveaway soon and I hope you guys will participate again and this time, I promise that you'll gonna love the prize :D

Thank thank thank you~!



  1. OMO! The watch is so cute xD This is my first time visiting your blog, it's cute though. And thank you for the giveaway!:)

  2. Halo sista...
    salam kenal ya,
    ini pertama kalinya aku baca blog mu dan langsung ikutan giveaway :D
    aku belum banyak baca sih, tapi buat tampilannya aku suka, karena simple...
    oiya, tulisannnya agak digedein dikit kali yaa ... hehehe
    karena agak kekecilan menurutku :)

    thanks for inviting me ...

  3. Haii..thanks for inviting..
    aku tau blogmu dari ibb..whooww ternyata orang Indo..hhaa
    salam kenal yah, kmrn sempet bingung follow blog kamu gimana, ternyata pake email..haha
    blog kamu lucu dan simple.. keep blogging dan makin kreatif yah ^^


  4. Moin!
    Since I love wearing wrist watch, so I'd love to join this giveaway. The watch looks cute yet not-to-girly with studded and it would be suitable for me to wear. Wish me luck~

    Adieu ^^v

  5. First impression about ur blog is Cute ^^
    Cewek banget, tips2nya keren dan bisa dicontek. 1buah jam saja bisa dipadu padan buat banyak gaya dan suasana, mantap.

    Ngubek2 blognya Sedih & bahagia baca blognya. Kisah ttg Amandara Zahra :'( semoga dia bahagia di sisiNYa.
    Kerennya lagi ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris, selamat go internasional Blognya Mbak :D Sukses dengan rencana OL Shopnya.

  6. Your blog is so lovely **
    I yhink is very great that you share also some outfit to combine with the watch....

    Hope to win

  7. Over all aku suka pertama kali lihat blogmu karena simple dan tidak terlalu heboh :)
    Kamu pintar memadukan gaya fashion. Suka ^_^ jadi bisa banyak belajar hehe

    Btw, thanks for inviting me ^_^
    Semoga aku menang. Aminnn
    Emailku :

  8. cute watch! thanks for a nice comment on my blog, dear..thanks for the giveaway invitation too!=D

  9. Hi dear! I'm visiting you back hehe :)
    Thanks for your invitation. That watch is so cute <3

    Btw, could we following each other? I've following you now. Thanks :)

  10. cute watch :)
    thanks for inviting me to join this giveaway!
    i think ur blog is so sweet and cute and girly! love the arrangement , i enjoyed the stay :)

    entering the giveaway! wish me luck
    hope we can be friends xo

    oasap giveaway on my blog only 3 days left

  11. forgot my email! its

  12. thanks for dropping comment on my blog. and about the giveaway.... i'm in! ;)

  13. Hi sistaa :D
    Makasih ya udah kmen di postingan awkwardku sama invitenya.
    Blgnya bagus, cantik tapi font-nya kurang gede sdikiit hehehe ><
    Aku suka headernya, feminim banget♥
    Semoga aku menang^^

  14. what an amazing give away! Good luck on this!

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Good luck to everyone taking part and to you establishing your business!

    Have a great day,

  16. Wow, makasih yah uda di invite.. salam kenal ya k..
    Join nih, semoga menang. Amin-amin-amin..

  17. I'm the first reader of your blog. I know your blog from someone's fashion blogger twitter. I like your blog because the background is simple and I've already subscribe your blog. I like the color of your watch and I hope that your online shop will be success and please inform me if you already open for the business. Thank you very much :)

    Email: \(^^)/

  18. Done subscribe to your blog. Email:

    I hope your online shopping business -soon to be- will be success :)

  19. My impression about your blog: *font terlalu kecil, agak sulit dibaca (^^) tapi isinya berkualitas :)

  20. The watch is my fav color! And your blog is so stylish! ^_^


  21. awesome giveaway!! love the colour!! =`)


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  23. ini baru pertama kali ak liat blog km, bagusss simpel rapih. suka deh liat nya >.< eh btw turquoise juga my fav ~ samaa kitaa, ak suka yg biru2 , biru mudaa juga sukaaa. hehe
    smoga ak menang ^^

  24. such a lovely watch!

  25. :)

  26. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  27. WAAW Awesome !
    i'm K-Pop i Like A Fashion of Korean. Great giveaway !! elegan watch !! I love it !! may i have it ?

  28. wish me luck ;-)

  29. Your blog is so damn good... I hope my blog can be as good as yours... And I truly hope that I can win that watch... :p

  30. LOVE ur blog !!
    memotivasi banget utk aku nyobain insanity workout. ehehe :D
    dan ngajarin betapa pentingnya proses dalam usaha menurunkan berat badan ^^

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    You also have a really good post, a lot of healthy tips, so inspirating..
    keep bloggin' dear.. :)

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  32. wehewwww, looks awesome! can't wait for your online store :D

  33. love the turquoise one! thanks so much for the invite! really looking forward to your future site, love Korean products a lot and very popular too here. hope to win and lovely blog

    e-mail :

  34. wow, I would like to have it for a late mothers day gift =)

  35. Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog. Hope I'll win this giveaway.

  36. makasi sudah di invite..
    tampilan nya cute. manis banget diliatnya tapi tulisannya terlalu kecil sist.
    tulisannya diperbesar lagi ya sist hehe

    good luck ( ^.^)9
    email :

  37. I love your helpful advices on style on how to be healthy and just love your blog!

    Thank you for the chance!


  38. terima kasih sudah undang aku ikutan giveaway,aku suka tampilan blognya simple n rapi :)
    miarsiku at gmail dot com

  39. hi.. first of all, saya kira ini akun punya org luar negeri.. so fluently in english, juga url blognya berasa bahasa prancis..

    anyway, sgt berharap bisa memenangkan jam tangan yg so cute abis itu, dg warna lembutnya,

    oya, saya suka bgt dg semua mix n match nya,,bagus dan tak terfikirkan oleh aNa, lain kali mau kucontek ya,fashion2nya.. :)

    semoga sukses ya mb, impian buat bikin online shopnya.. smangatt!!!

  40. I like your blog! hehehe, dunia fashion yang sama sekali belum kujamah (biasa kemana2 pake kaos ama celana doang), semoga aku bisa ngintipin fashionnya hehehe... oh ya, saran aja hurufnya dibesarin, trus mungkin bisa ditambahin sedikit hiasa gitu? kesannya blognya putih bersih gitu, atau mungkin emg konsepnya clean?

    itu aja si, afterall blogmu bikin aku iri, hehehe^^


  41. nice blog :)
    wish me luck for the giveaway.
    don't forget to visit my blog, too. ^^

  42. I think your blog is very cute ! I love it ~ The fashion helps me with my fashion LOL.

  43. Thank you for your invitation ;) I like your blog and it's fantastic to meet people from another continent ;) Kisses ;)

  44. Your blog is wonderful...I know Im gonna stay more to learn a lot from your blog. Thank You so much for the oppurtuniy! Loves'

  45. Love the Polyvore sets and that watch is really cute! :)

  46. It's cute!! WML and pray for me that I'll win haha

  47. I'm very happy with your blog--it looks polished, clean and uncluttered and your articles are quite readable. I am a happy subscriber!

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  58. Wah, baru pertama kali saya berkunjung kesini saya langsung suka. Sentuhan warna merah muda nya membuat blog ini terlihat manis, apalagi saya jg penyuka merah muda. hehe
    Sukses untuk blognya ya kak :)

  59. i love the free printables XD but you know what i most love from your blog? it's the button, icon, whatever on the sidebar, the tumblr/subcribe/etcetera button lol i like your posts, but i think you need HQ pics for your makeup post? :)

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  65. hai sist.

    Aku baru pertama kali kesini ^____^ dan tahu kalau ada giveaway,aku langsung ikutan xD

    aku suka headernya sama optionnya yang backgroundnya floral gitu bagus :D dan blognya nggak berat. unyu. pertahankan terus~~

    hope that i can win that watch.sooo cute!

  66. so you're indonesian, huh? lol sama dong hahaha XD

    just found your blog and giveaway today, and I'm totally in love with them (your blog and the giveaway)! your blog is so cool, and the watch is so cute! semoga aku bisa menang dehh, thankyou so much for the giveaway! >w< loveyaaaa

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    i like your blog, the design is very good ah you know it's called kyeopta in korean:D
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  74. That watch is gorgeous:) I would like to take part in your giveaway:)

  75. D'aaaaaaaw, finally it ended. I thank you guys so much for participating in the giveaway. I'm sorry I couldn't please you all since I only have 1 winner in this giveaway but worry not, I'll be hosting another giveaway soon and I promise that you'll gonna love this one.

    Thank you guys! <3

  76. Just stumbled upon your nice blog today. So sad, I wasn't able to join this giveaway. :D

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