August 19, 2013

Why don't you

Lack of ideas on what should you do instead of doing nothing? Here's some inspiration on my 'Why-Don't-You' blogpost to waste your time with something unusual...

Buy a pair of a very good running shoes and go for a run. Or just go for a run. Go. 

Drink a soothing chamomile tea and act like you're a British Lady. (And read this sentence with a british accent).

Treat yourself with a damn delicious sweets like these cute macaroons. In moderation, please. And continue to speak with a british accent.

Lay yourself on your comfy sofa with a blanket and find some inspirations on the latest fashion magazine. Or you can just read the horoscope pages if you want to. Relax is the key. 

Organize your bedroom. Oh come on, it's fun!

Have a great nonsense conversation with your partner. Avoid big talks like 'when will you marry me' or 'when will you buy me a Tiffany&Co necklace' questions, enjoy the simplest thing. Don't think. 

Pack some clothes in your fanciest suitcase, go to the airport and make an impulsive holiday trip. Ask Titiw Akmar for more tips about impulsive traveling. 

Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand is probably a perfect place for your holiday trip. But if you can't afford that amount of trip, just lay back on your bed and spend your day watching Lord of The Ring trilogy. 

Visit a rarely-visited cafe or bakery to buy some cakes and coffees. You can try Colette & Lola if you live around Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Or bake some cupcakes on your own....

....and enjoy it like Cookie Monster enjoying his cookies. 

Wear your favorite dress and take your best friends to a photoshoot session. 

Or write them a post card. Or perhaps write yourself a letter-to-a-future-you. Keep it inside a box for you to open few years later. 

Make sure to put some photos in your time capsule box. Or you can always try taking selfies when you're that bored. Post your best shot on your Instagram account

Well you can also post an #OOTD photo while trying to mix and match your wardrobe. 

Don't forget to match your outfits with some cute nailarts. This Opi Nail Polish color is just so beautiful, by the way. 

Drive yourself faraway. Enjoy the road trip and the breeze of wind. Just go outside. 

Swim on the beach or perhaps just put your feet into a pool near your neighborhood. 

Don't forget to bring your favorite novel from your favorite author wherever you go. 

Read the novel while sipping on your Green Tea Frappuccino. Enjoy your time alone, and perhaps observe the cute guy next to your table inside the coffee shop.


Lay back to bed with your laptop and go to your favorite sites. Or just write a no-thoughts blogpost with photos that inspires you exactly like what I am doing by now.  

Have a good time wasting your time, people! And remember, time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.



  1. Mint blogpost theme! Oooohh.. Such a feast for the eyes! And you know what, I read this post with british accent as you told readers to do so. x))
    And, I'm surprised to find my name in this blogpost. Let's do some impulsive traveling, y'all! :D

  2. ↑↑↑↑ the impulsive traveler, people! Go dig her on her site