February 12, 2014

Grow, you Sunflowers. Grow well!

scr: weheartit
Once upon a blue moon, I had a dream of me walking happily and running wildly through a breathtakingly beautiful sunflower garden and when I woke up it's like I was still able to smell the sweet and tender fragrance of those beautiful, beautiful things.

I have always had this special bond with flowers since I was a kid, I grew up with plants and flowers around me. Thus, perhaps, explains the meaning behind my name 'bunga' is literally 'a flower' in Indonesian. 

Anyways, I started reading and digging information on how to grow and cultivate them by my self, something I haven't do it quite seriously since the last time I studied, lol. And I am so blessed thank God for Ace Hardware, I came across their website and found that they actually provide sunflower seeds including its beginner growing kit. Aaaaawe~some!