January 27, 2014

About a place

Do you, perhaps, believe in magic? 

If the answer is yes, then please, be my guest. If it's the opposite, then, umm, yeah be my guest already you guys. Read through.

I want to tell you a tale. Not a fairy one where there's a prince in the form and face of Lee Pace (of Thranduil. Of The Hobbit - if you're unfamiliar with Tolkien's, or perhaps living faraway from the universe) rescuing a princessy damsel in distress. It's more like a tale that an old grandpa told his grandchildren about. It might be a boring one that the grandchildren will soon fall asleep under the warmth of the checkered flanel blankets. But for those who were willing to stay awake until the very end of the story, he or she might realize that there's a thing worth appreciated in this world we're living in. Something that people tend to forget these days. Something that most times had been unappreciated.

Well, here it goes.

Once upon a time, there was a place. A coffee house to be exact. You may think that it was a common place. It was not. To me, at least. 

This particular coffee house located only two minutes away from my place, a home I was living in for almost two years. It was a place where you could find me almost everyday, back in those years.

You may not believe me, but magic happened there. Many times. 

Let's just say it was a magical coffee house. It started out with a simple activity. It was the first place I ran into every time I felt happy, sad, tired, exhausted, or perhaps just when I felt like getting a cup (or more) of caffeine intake. Soon enough, hours spent at that coffee house. 

Meet ups, good byes, laughs, tears. Perhaps, I can even say that particular coffee house was a place which had witnessed many stories that had happened in my life. 

Going back to the word 'magic' I mentioned above. Well, time stops at that place.

Time, literally, stops. 

Weird? No. It's the magic that talks. 

You are free to judge me, believe me, or may think that I am talking nonsense. But I can tell you that everything I told, was not a lie. I may not able to explain how time stops at that coffee house, or how could I even dare to call it's magic and mostly, believe in it. Yet it was real.

So real that it feels surreal.