April 28, 2013

Sexy in Sweat

Nike Junkie

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If you think that you can't look good and nicely dressed when you're doing workout, I will prove you wrong with my writings here. You are going to sweat and burn, and sometimes look tired and fucked up, yes. But it doesn't mean that you can't embrace your beauty and look fabulous while sweating. 

Here's the thing about doing workout, whether you want to go to the gym, training with your teammates, or go to your yoga class or simply just running outside, you can boost up your confidence by wearing a set of comfortable sportswear that actually helps you to do every kind of workout moves smoothly.

Let me tell you, wearing a sassy and cute gym clothes can inspire you to get moving, trust me. Somehow you're gonna feel you look awesome in your sportswear and there's no reason not to. If you decided to give your all in the gym or while running outside, why not doing it in style?

I know you aren't there for a beauty contest. Well, it's not that I'm telling you to go all out with full hair and makeup, but there are two important reasons to invest in some cute workout clothes. 

Let's just hit the jump for more workout outfit ideas~

April 27, 2013

Hands the name, Insanity is Insane

Hello again, and I am here to write about my workout program which I have been doing all these months. 

So my routine is called Insanity by Beachbody.

Let me talk about how do I started it. When I first saw the commercial, never thought that I am able to do it. I felt dying and throwing up already just by watching the commercial. See it with your own eyes and you'll feel that it is really an intense program. 

But then I went to Youtube and I watched some of those Insanity Transformation result videos, and then I thought that "Wow, the transformations are amazing. I think it is do-able. If those people can do this, there's no reason that I can't."

And with those thoughts, I finally took one of the very huge decisions in my life that makes me thankful and grateful right now. 

If you asked me how do I motivate my self I'd say thank God for Youtube. And all those fitblrs on tumblr too. Seriously their weight loss journeys inspire me, their stories motivate me. And I want to be able to overcome all my doubts and make a change for myself. I want to be the fitspirations everyone's talking about. And especially, I want to do it for me.

Hit the jump, and read more about my workout routine~

April 24, 2013

My Way of Losing Weight

So, I got plenty of questions from my friends, asking about what did I do to lose all those fats in my body.

Well, I used to be fat, yes. Especially after I came back from Germany where I gained more than 11 kilograms. Dammit, I blame to all those Nutella and French Cheese I ate every mornings. 

But anyway, after a lot of struggling points, I made a U-turn. 

Long long time ago, I was an athlete. A regional captain of basketball team back when I was in highschool. Oh those good memories, the sweat, the spirit, the popularity, and all those highschool crush. Snap!

Anyways, I stopped doing basketball because I personally choose to stop. I was bored, I think. And I already felt that I played too much basketball. So during my college, I rarely play it again. Sometimes I did play a bit but definitely not as much as when I was in highschool.

And then I went to Germany, and eating all those heavenly fatty foods and I gained weight and I couldn't stop gaining weight and I became fat.

This year, 2013 if you're reading it from the future, I met someone who finally slap me and made me realize that I am not what I used to be and I CAN be what I used to be. Healthy and toned. That particular someone was tickling my competitive side that apparently had never left my mind. The spirit is actually deep within me and now it gradually comes out and challenging me once again.

So I practically changed my lifestyle, and so ready to work out to gain a toned body that I used to have. Hit the jump, read more and I warned you: you are about to see the not-so-dramatically change in me in a before and during self portrait.

April 22, 2013

F5 yourself with Detox Water

Feeling toxinated? Polluted?  I am. 

How to get your healthy-unpolluted-detoxinated body back? Detox water! I found this brilliant, brilliant idea via my favorite website ever.... drumroll please... Pinterest! How did I ever survive without it? A place to ooooh and awww over hundreds of mind-boggling ideas. A place to bookmark and easily organize anything I stumble across online. A tiny bit of heaven!

Let's just say I spend way too much time on there. And Tumblr too. (Just in case you haven't followed me there). 

Anyways... Detox Water. Rumored to help you maintain a flat belly, lemon and water fuse overnight to create a natural detox, helping to flush impurities out of your system. The cucumber lends a cool, refreshing flavor while the mint gives it a bit of a snap.  The original recipe had fresh ginger, but I didn't have any and I still really liked the result. 

It's like, I finally found my long lost BFF, well not really BFF because it happens to be my comfy unmade bed and it forever will be, but yeah, it's the second close. Detox water is practically my F5 button right now (do you guys still use F5 button anyways?). If you happen to use windows on your PC, you should know that F5 button is the fastest and most convenience way for you to refresh your PC. And so it goes also with this detox water to my body. Refresh. Instantly. Poof~

So let's click more for the recipe~

Being Cute in the Kitchen

Since I changed my lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle along with healthy food and stuffs. I kinda spent more of my times in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, preparing weekly meals, yadda yadda yadda. I even left my hairdryer in the kitchen yesterday and I don't even know why.

And so I found that my kitchen is very unorganized and I had to find a way to organize it and still make it look cute as well. Cute things make your mood better, right? So it goes in the kitchen. Good mood equals good food.

To cut it out, I looked up in the internet and stumbled upon these extremely cute labels that will make my kitchen prettier. And I want to make my friend goes 'aahw' everytime they step into my kitchen.

Thanks to Wordlabel for coming up with the idea and creating such a wonderful free printables label to organize my kitchen.

Look at this cuteness that I can easily apply to everything in my kitchen:

So cute, right?

And it goes really well with the glass jar, my favorite kind of jar.

They have two different colors that we can choose to match with our kitchen, black and greenish. Here we go~ Click the jump for more and then click the download link below the pics for the hi-res printable labels of each pictures.