November 17, 2009

"Save The Whales"

"You know what?"

"No, what?"

"We should never fall in love."

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, it's simple, really."

"Explain it to me, then."

"We're opposites, you and me. You're the sun, I'm the moon. You are day, I am night. You're warm and you beat with the vitality of life. I'm pretty chilly and I beat my fists against the mirror for showing me reality instead of dreams."

"I still don't quite understand."

"I am a dreamer, and you are a dream."

"Thanks, I guess."

"No, listen--you're like the people who say 'save the whales'. You want to save the world, you want to do some good. You want to make a change, make a difference. And me... well, I'm the whale. I can't do anything except wait for you to finally save me."

"I'll save you. I don't mind."

"I'll never thank you. I'm a whale; I can't talk."

"I don't care. I'll save you anyway. And you're wrong, you know."

"About what?"

"I'm not quite what you make me out to be. I laugh so I won't cry, yet that doesn't save me when I'm alone. I try to save the world simply because I can't save mysel-"

"You know what?"

"...No, what?"

"Maybe we're all broken somehow. Maybe we all fear the dark. Maybe we all hate ourselves at one point."

"I think you're right."

"You know what else? I hate the people who say 'save the whales'."

"What? Why?"

"Because they're wasting time on those stupid whales. They should walk around saying 'save the people', because I think we all need to be saved."


  1. Bunga, did u write this yourself?
    Like this!!!!

  2. iya mii hehehehe trimakasii :D i love your blog anywaaaayy :):):) plus, your layout is simply classicly beautiful :)