June 20, 2013

Bon Voyage - Travel Theme from Lolabox

Hi guys, I'm back again with another review and this time is June Edition of The Lolabox. I am so happy that I am getting the Box on June 19, which is definitely earlier than before, and to the fact that this month edition of The Lolabox is definitely much better from the previous edition. Nice move, Lola.

I guess it's because the Beauty Box trends in Indonesia is getting much more attention and the competition between all these beauty companies is getting right on the fence of head to head competition. Well, in this case every company needs to do some new innovation and keep on improving, right?

So what's the fuss about all these Beauty Boxes Trends? The goody bag at a wedding, the pale blue box on your birthday—there's something about a surprise that's freaking awesome. It almost doesn't matter whether there's a diamond necklace inside or just candied almonds; the thrill of scoring something unexpected is one of life's little pleasures. And that's exactly why beauty sampling programs are springing up everywhere. The variety packs of makeup, hair, nail, fragrance, and skin-care products are delivered to your door, and while they're not free—they typically cost IDR 80.000 to IDR 150.000 a month—the samples inside can be worth several times that much, and they are sometimes even full size.

Some girls like flowers or sweet treats delivered to their doors. I, in this case, prefer subscription boxes. There's something about a package arriving in the mail stocked with teeny-tiny products that makes us feel like it's our birthday, once every month.

Subscription boxes are monthly deliveries of new, trial-sized beauty products that you can later purchase in full-size for yourself. The idea here is totally try-before-you-buy, and while you're at it, you can stock your travel toiletry bag with TSA-approved items far better than anything you could find even in the fanciest of boutique hotels.

The beauty and wellness world knows no shortage of subscription boxes these days, so I get how it might be a little difficult to decipher which one is right for everyone of us. That's why, when we subscribe into a beauty box, we need to fulfill the whole form about our profile; skin type, hair type, hair color, skin color, preferable brand, etc. It is essential for them to determine which product suits us the most. And that is also the reason why sometime we get different products from one company, it is designed to fit in our daily necessities. If you're jealous of why the beauty box of your friends has this and that and you're not getting it, think again, you must be getting something that they don't.  

Let's hit the jump and see what I'm getting from this Lolabox

When I opened the box, I knew I'm gonna love this edition because the theme they're using is Bon Voyage, continuing the previous edition, the theme still relates with Summer Edition, just this time, all the products are designed to be essential for Travel Purposes. Well, holiday season is coming right on our way indeed.

What I noticed at first is this welcoming card from them which consist Travel Checklist. It really comes in handy and I have to admit that this checklist is what makes me interested in the box. I'll get to this later. Let's just continue with the products.

I am getting this Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation for 5ml size, definitely travel sizes.  This liquid foundation comes in natural color which covers skin imperfection flawlessly (as they said). I haven't personally tried it yet but I'm sure gonna apply it today for it's going to be a sunny day. I am a daily user of liquid BB cream and I think this foundation really suits me, I'm just hoping that it's not too strong for a daily uses. 

Now I know where the flowerry scented comes from. I am getting this 7,5ml of ORLANE Be 21 Eau de Parfum which smells really seductive yet natural because it's a combination of ylang-ylang and woody iris. As a fan of musk-scented aroma, I have to admit that this sample is probably make me want to try and switch my perfume into this one. Lovely.

And the next products are from the mighty Clarins Paris. I am getting a Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin (8ml), a Tonic Body Treatment Oil (2ml) and a Body Lift Cellulite Control in which I forgot to take a picture of it, but worry not, you'll see it in the next photos of all products. 

Impression: they wow-ed me. If you read my review of previous edition from Lolabox, you'll know that I was also getting a Clarins product before. What makes it difference is that this edition gave us the products for our Body, not for the face unlike the previous edition. The body scrub is essentials for softens the skins in rough areas such as elbows, knees, and feet. And the Tonic Oil improves skin elasticity to prevent the appearance of stretch marks! Not only that, the Body Lift Cellulite Control has not been launched in Indonesia just yet! So we're definitely the first to try this product in Indonesia. It's a body cream for hips, thighs, and buttocks that firming and redefining the stubborn cellulite. Aweee~some. So I guess I can wear my bikini without being afraid of my stretch marks and cellulite in this holiday, right? :)

Definitely a plus!

So the next products are something I have tried before, which is Skin Aqua from Japan. And I am getting 4 types of milk and body lotions which comes in several type of SPF level purposes from 20-50+, it is a summer product indeed. In addition to that, it also comes in a transparent plastic ziplock bag which I can use it for travelling especially when I travel by plane.  

So yeah, they gave me the UV Moisture Gel for Normal to Oily Skin (SPF 30+), UV Mild Milk for Dry to Sensitive Skin (SPF 25+), UV Whitening Milk for lightening and moisturizing (SPF 20+), and UV Moisture Milk for larger UV protection (SPF 50+). All comes in 15g sizes each. 

Next to it I am also getting Real Natural Mask Sheet Rice (real size) and Natural Sun AQ Super White Sun Cream SPF 50+, both from my most favorite face care product, The Face Shop. Can't love it even more than this :)

Just, too bad I'm not getting the Sun Cream in full size :p I do really love The Face Shop products because it always made from natural essence, plant extracts and it's really light and safe for the skin. I hope I get more of The Face Shop product on the next edition, yes I am subscribing already :)

Instead of a hair product, they gave us this Bun Helper from Kay Collection to create a simple bun for the summer hair. Well this is pretty useful. They said they also have the how to videos on their Youtube Channel but I just couldn't find it yet so I'll come back later about this. Pretty handy!

So that's probably all the products I am getting within this month Lolabox edition - Bon Voyage. Oh I am also getting a bonus item which is Colorful Luggage Tag to be attached in my luggage so that I'm not gonna lose it on my next trip. Nice~!

In a summary I am getting:

  1. MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation (IDR 450.000/30 ml) - means IDR 75.000 for 5ml
  2. ORLANE Be 21 Eau de Parfum (IDR 900.000/100ml) -  means IDR IDR 67.500 for 7,5ml
  3. CLARINS Smoothing Body Scrub (IDR 450.000/200ml) - means IDR 18.000 for 8ml
  4. CLARINS Tonic Body Treatment Oil (IDR 580.000/100ml) - means IDR 11.600 for 2ml
  5. CLARINS Body Lift Cellulite Control (IDR 676.000/200ml) - means IDR 27.040 for 8 ml
  6. SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Gel (IDR 37.500/80g) -  means IDR IDR 7.031 for 15g
  7. SKIN AQUA UV Mild Milk (IDR 37.500/80g) - means IDR 7.031 for 15g
  8. SKIN AQUA UV Whitening Milk (IDR 37.500/40g) - means IDR 14.062 for 15g
  9. SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Milk (IDR 37.500/40g) - means IDR 14.062 for 15g
  10. THE FACE SHOP Mask Sheet Rice (IDR 20.350/20ml) - real size
  11. THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun AQ Cream (IDR 240.900/50ml) - means IDR 38.544 for 8ml
  12. KAY COLLECTION Bun Helper (IDR 15.900/pack) - real size

and a FREE Luggage Tag which I don't know how much is it :)

So in a sum up (if my calculation isn't wrong), I am getting the value of IDR 313.120 from the box that costs IDR 145.000! Even more than 200% of the price, SUPER AWESOME!

Tell me what do you think, guys? Is it worthy enough to try? 

Value: Twice the price. No more words needed.  A++

Overall impression of the box: Makes me wanna grab my luggage right away and travel some more. LOVE. The choose of product relates exactly with the theme. But I just hope that they put more face product on the next issues. Maybe some make up tools or eye liner will be awesome to get.  A

Overall impression of the service: Nice! Loving the improvements. It came right on time, the service is excellent (unlike the other company which I had trouble with).  A++

I'll go for A++ for this edition because (aside from all the products) the Travel Checklist which really helps me, travel-wise. As a list-mania person and a printable lover, this is surely something to add values in the box. Yay! :D

Have no more to say, just make sure you subscribe on their next edition with clicking the lola logo below~ Nothing better than a surprise right to your door every months, right?

Thanks for reading my blog and I also want to appreciate all the loves I am getting from my International Giveaway that has come to an end. I already have the winner for the giveaway but worry not, I will be hosting another giveaway soon, so I hope you guys will enter my next giveaways :)


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