September 10, 2013

Awkwardly went to Miss World 2013

Back in blog! Hola Estrella!

Last Sunday (September 8), I got an invitation to attend one of the current most prestigious event in Indonesia, beauty pageant wise. So yeah, as you may guess, this post will be about the whole stories of my journey to watch Miss World 2013 Opening Ceremony, in Bali - Indonesia.

How did I get the invitation? Long storeeeh. But to make it short, let's just say that I won a contest to see a contest :p

The opening event was being held in Bali on Sunday night, and I flew from Jakarta at that earlier morning. I was on the same flight with Sarah Sechan and Melanie Subono, which I believe one of them were there to attend the exact same event. 

Fyi, since I got the invitation for free, I didn't know how valuable it is. I know it's miss world, beauty pageant, must be fancy, yadda yadda. Apparently, once I managed to see my invitation that has just been redeemed that day, it is written on the ticket that each chair (of my block & row) equals 2,5mio rupiah. And at that time I just realized that the event I was about to come is a really glamorous event. *stomach grumble out of nervousness*

Believe it or not, once I saw it I was thinking of black-marketing the invitation pass. Lol. Of course it didn't happen because in the end I, myself, was very excited to come. 

The event itself took place in Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali at 8 PM and I got there right before it started. As many of you saw it live on national television, there were so many public figures including some international delegations from each country represented. 

Imagine: me, excitingly nervous, in between those awesome people in their fab gowns and blacktie suit. How about a photo of an awkward me, standing in front of the wall of fame before entering the hall? 

definitely go for Miss Understood 2013 (?)

No? Ok. 

Sat on the chair which valued 2,5mio in between those beautiful ladies and *cough* husband-material *cough* handsome-looking guys, I was pretty ecstatic and wondering how should I flash my smiles if I got caught on the camera. Once again, of course I wasn't that lucky to get a camera shot.

There were many happy faces especially those who sat in the front rows. I spotted many celebrities, national actresses and actors, politicians, and so much more. 

The show started with a traditional Kecak Dance performance from Bali, which successfully created a huge gap in my mouth. It was wonderful! It was by far, the best Kecak dance performance I have ever seen with my own eyes. Probably because it is packed with some magnificent stage act and musical-dramatic kind of performance, it is, of course, waaaaay better than Kecak Dance performance I saw most times in Bali before. 

There were also several musicians performing on the show, such as Kamasean, Mikha Angelo, Novita Dewi, and the amazeballs Lea Simanjuntak. If I'm not mentioning any names that actually performed, that means I was just not really into their performances I even forgot them by the time I'm writing this. *cough*

The show continued with the appearance of all Miss World 2013 contestants in their beautiful night gown. From all those 100+ contestants, I patched my eyes right away for some: Elena Ibarbia (Spain), Erin Holland (Australia)Malene Riis Sørensen (Denmark), Navneet Dhillon (India), Sancler Frantz (Brazil), and of course, Miss Indonesia 2013, Vania Larissa

One segment that blew my mind was when the contestants were performing Tari Kipas Cendana, a mixed of Indonesian traditional dance from several provinces. Vania was really sparkling among all those girls, she is simply stunning I ended up adoring her beauty. I believe that she could actually be in the top rank if she's doing great in the judgement period. 

Vania, stunningly beautiful. Can't believe that she just turned 17 years old this year. 

Another great moment occurred right before the show ended, when all contestants were dressing themselves in Indonesian traditional costume from all over the regions, singing and dancing to an Indonesian song. I was trying so hard to find who wears 'kebaya encim' among those ladies, and in that very second I realized that our nation is so colorful with all these diversity. Le proud. 

I am, of course, rooting for Vania for this year Miss World pageant. Not because she's the representative of my country, but because she's so gorgeous and she managed to captivate my eyes on stage. Moreover, I heard that she's also a Muay Thai fighter. Way to go, gurrrrl! ;) 

Well, that's pretty much all stories from my journey to become, scratch that, to witness Miss World 2013 Opening Ceremony. Sad that I couldn't stay longer in Bali but happy that I got the chance to watch a glimpse of the awesomeness from our own culture. 

About to go home and facing reality that I'm not even holding any 'miss' title. Sigh..

To entertain the eyes, let's take a look on these photos from the show below.

Lea Simanjuntak on stage. Dang awesome!

All photos credited to Miss World 2013 official partner by Okezone, free to distributed.


  1. UUWIIIIIII!! mba bunga keren wiii!

    eh yang sama dude itu sapa sih?

    1. eh halo kak nengbiker xD ehehe, itu alyssa soebandono (kalo ga salah). Cantik, yes? x))

  2. Baruuu mau nanya ini foto2nya sapa.. Eh ternyata okezone. Padahal baru mauh aku puji ABILITY moto kamu. :)) Nice event.. Go INA GO INA GO!! :D

    1. Nyahahah, kak Titiw :D Aku belum capable kaak buat moto2 se oke okejon XD

  3. keren banget bunga!
    lucky you bs kesana >_<

  4. suka banget deh yg dari india, mukanya manis banget dan bajunya pun bagus ^^
    yg dari indo agak chubby ya, yayyyy !!!!

    1. Sama! Miss India is my favorite as well, eksotisnyaa :)) Hehe iya si Miss Vania emang chubby2 gempal gitu tapi cantik bgt gilaak *insecure* x)