April 27, 2013

Hands the name, Insanity is Insane

Hello again, and I am here to write about my workout program which I have been doing all these months. 

So my routine is called Insanity by Beachbody.

Let me talk about how do I started it. When I first saw the commercial, never thought that I am able to do it. I felt dying and throwing up already just by watching the commercial. See it with your own eyes and you'll feel that it is really an intense program. 

But then I went to Youtube and I watched some of those Insanity Transformation result videos, and then I thought that "Wow, the transformations are amazing. I think it is do-able. If those people can do this, there's no reason that I can't."

And with those thoughts, I finally took one of the very huge decisions in my life that makes me thankful and grateful right now. 

If you asked me how do I motivate my self I'd say thank God for Youtube. And all those fitblrs on tumblr too. Seriously their weight loss journeys inspire me, their stories motivate me. And I want to be able to overcome all my doubts and make a change for myself. I want to be the fitspirations everyone's talking about. And especially, I want to do it for me.

Hit the jump, and read more about my workout routine~

So yeah, let me explain you a little bit about the program. It is a 60 days challenge, divided in two months, 6 days a week (1 day for rest-day).

It contains several numbers of videos and it goes with the schedule that shows you what to do on what day. Some people has asked me that because the program is named 'insanity' does that mean that i'm doing the same workout everyday, well the answer is no. Actually the workout is vary, we do the same workout throughout the program but not the same workout each and everyday. 

In addition of that, you'll get a calendar which shows you what to do on what day and it is really important to follow the calendar to get the best result.

As you can see in the calendar, it is a two months workout divided by one week of recovery week, and there's always a rest day by the end of each week. So you don't have to worry about not getting enough rest, nope you'll get it. And also during every week, you'll have a recovery workout in the middle of the week, and it is a lower intensity workout with lower pace video to recover your body to have a proper rest but still inline with the program to do, instead of just plain rest and doing nothing on that day. So, no worries.

You can always put a check on the calendar when you're done with the workout on that day to see your own workout pattern and feel happy when you're making a progress.

As if it's not enough, you will also get the second important part of the program, drumrolls........ The Elite Nutrition Guide. 
It is basically a brief of what food should you eat on your daily life. I gotta tell you that even if you're not following the diet plan, but you should take the time to read the Elite Nutrition Guide before you start Insanity.

There's a formula in there that will show you how many calories you need to eat. And that number of calories will vary depends on your goal. For example if you don't want to lose anymore weight and just want to tone up, the number of calories will be different compared to those who want to gain muscle and therefore they need to eat more.

So yeah, it is a very good guidance for me to know my needs and how should I eat on a regular basis. I really like the Elite Nutrition Guide because it's not just a plain and boring guidance book but it also contains food recipes that really enlightens me to mix up my meals everyday. So that's my favorite, the book.

I am not really following the diet plan each days because I do like to mix up my meals, but it really helps me to be creative in the kitchen with healthy foods and cooks and it has soooo many variation of healthy cooks that inspires me a lot. I'm gonna write about my diet plan in separate posts, kindly wait for it :)

So the next thing i want to talk is (not my favorite part but it is really important) the Fit Test. If you start Insanity on day one, you'll have to face: The Almighty Fit Test. 

In the fit test, there are 8 exercises that you have to complete as many as you can, as fast as you can. The fit test is, well, a test to testify your own fitness capability and it will record your progress during the workout, and if you're doing it right you're gonna see that the number on your fit tests are increasing from one week to another week. It goes with me and yaaay, I made a good progress so far. For example in the beginning of workout, I was really struggle with this, I only able to do 10 push up jacks in one minutes, and the last time I did the fit test I can do 23 push up jacks in a minute continuously. Really happy, and also dying, to see my own progress. Happy, and dying, but happy, yeah. So yay! Amazing feelings.

The fit test proves that you can make a change in your own body, it also proves that you are getting stronger in over 60 days. Pretty significant gained with this program, it's amazing.

Photo compilation of me after doing the Insanity routine. Damn I look awful. 

Let me make it clear here, this program is good for everybody. Whether you want to lose weight, or you're okay with your weight and just want to tone up or you just want additional challenge in yourself. A lot of people use this program to train for marathons, and any kind of sport that they're going to need a good endurance level, this is a very great program to do.

Regardless of whatever your fitness level, you will be challenged. One of the thing that I really love about this program is that you will see in the video that the people are actually doing the workout and really struggling with it, just like me. So I kinda feel that I'm not alone struggling in this. They're panting hard, they're laying on the ground catching their breaths, they're swearing to Shaun T the instructor, exactly like myself!

Shaun is great, a really great instructor that is very different compared to other instructors in other workout videos that I have been watching and doing. He knows when he pushes you to that limit and he really knows what to say to get you back in there and keep going digging deeper. Trust me, he knows when you're laying on the floor. But you know what, his coaching style is something I really like, I mean, he's pushing you but he's not being annoying and too much talking and screaming like any other instructors. No, he's doing it with his style and he's coaching at the same time while he's also doing the moves throughout the videos. That's something I really love about him. Great motivators.

So yeah, I wrote about the program, the nutrition guide, the fit test, and I guess that's all I can say about this program is that it really portrays the name: Insanity. It is not easy, in facts it is very hard, you're gonna challenge yourself, you'll be having a breakdown moment that you want to give up, and if you're strong enough you'll be back and do it again tomorrow.

It happens with me too, worry not. 

And if you're not believe that what I repeatedly say: it's a hard but do-able, you can ask these people I once did this workout with: Titiw, Adhi & Dewi, my seniors at work. I bet thousand pizzas that they're gonna tell you that it is indeed, insane but possible to do.

But you know, I am the type of someone who doesn't want to have any unfinished business in everything I do. And no matter how much I wanted to give up in the middle of the video, I always felt so great right when I finished the workout each days. So that's something that keeps me going. I am thinking about my progress, my result and what I will look like when I'm done with the program, and these thoughts make me feel like there's nothing to be giving up to.

It is not an instant stuff, it is not a magical nor miracle that changes you over night. No. It takes time, it takes a lot of efforts but you will see the progress and you'll gonna love it.

Don't look at how far you still have to go but look at how far you have gotten with all these efforts. Efforts won't ever betray you. It will take you to the good result you've always wanted. And if the result is not there yet, that can only mean one thing: your effort is not enough for that result yet and you gotta work it a little bit harder.

Okay, that's pretty much my review and stories about my workout. If you want to see my progress you can check it here and see the transformation I made within myself.

And if you think that this program is too difficult for you, I actually have plenty of choices of workout videos that I tried before, some are actually good and challenging and not as intense (and insane) as Insanity. I promise you I will get that to you later, but for now~ Insanity is my favorite. 

If you need supports regarding your weight loss journey, please keep in mind that I am there for you. Hit me up for questions, inquiries, workout buddies, or whatever you want to talk to me to.



  1. Sis, it's crazy. I'm starting doing my diet now but still can't find an effective method. Ini tuh latihannya bakal ngecilin lengan paha dan kawan kawannya juga ga sih kan?

    Anyway thanks for posting this and the elite nutrition. You look fabolous. Ah pengen liat langsung nih :p

  2. @Faninda, sist, believe me it is. But it doesnt mean that its impossible, right? Badan UEE here I come :))))) What kind of diet you're doing? Carb less diet? There's a plenty of diets that works depends on the body and daily habit, I'm gonna write about it soon.

    Iya dong workout tiap hari bakal ngurangin body fat percentage, yang artinya bakal bikin lemak2 di badan ilang sejalan sama turunnya body fat percentage itu tadi. Makannya, yuk gerak :D

    Thank you sooooo muchos gracias, by the way. Ayo ketemu! :))

  3. Yup ngurangin karbo sama lemak sih ini. Hmmm bener deh kayaknya salah satu penyebab penimbunan lemak gegara ga pernah gerak -.-" , gerak deh ya mulai besok. Mudah - mudahan konsisten k.k.k.

    Sip ditunggu tulisannya lagi.

    Anyway, kelar aku dapet info S2 dan ngurusin ini itu aku main deh ke Jakarta. Sekarang bukan waktu yang tepat buat main >.<

  4. not bad results considering how ndut u were before like the germany pic :P
    like how "awful" you look after the training.
    cute though, but come on 23pushups in 1minute?thats for pussies, i expect better from u. post some videos too :P want to see your pushups and level 3 drills

  5. @KonohaEvilSenpuSensei hih! jitak nih ya bringing up the germany-pic again! just wait, i'll beat you in push up jacks, we'll see~ anyways, thank you for the 'motivational' comments, can't do nothing without you though :*