May 17, 2013

Unboxing Lolabox - May Edition

Woke up this morning to the knocking sound on my door, and it turns out to be a surprise beauty box from The Lolabox. Yay! :D And then I found myself rushing to unbox it because I couldn't hold my excitement. I mean, look at this cute box with tons of surprise gift inside!

So before I continue about writing what's inside the box, let me introduce about this and tell you why I'm so excited in getting this.

The Lolabox, well, as you may see, it's a beauty box. What makes it different than the other beauty boxes is that this beauty box trends is finally come to my country, and Lolabox is one of the pioneer in its segment and industry in Indonesia. Moreover, I just found out recently that this start-up company invented by my own relative, Christian Sutardi.

So after felt so proud of him, congratulate him and stuffs, I decided to be a nice cousin to him by ordering this box on my own, and this way I also able to testify the greatness of his start-up company. What a really nice cousin I am, huh Christian? :D

Anyways, just like any other beautyboxes, The Lolabox is a subscription-based beauty company that delivers beauty samples into the hands of awaiting costumers is proud to provide women of color the opportunity to explore the latest skin, hair and nail products at a minimal cost.  To learn more about subscribing to The Lolabox or becoming a brand partner please visit

Okay so let's just hit the jump and see what's inside the box, shall we? :)

So when I first opened my box, there's a personal greeting card from Lola that mainly explains about what's the theme for this month subscription, and there's also the details of what I am getting inside on the back of the card. Since it's nearly summer, the theme they're using is 'Hello Sunshine' and the products are also related to something we need to prepare for the summer. 

What I love about beauty boxes in general is that I don't know what I am getting every months, and it always kinda good to expect a surprise like this, it makes me feel like I am getting a package of gift every month. And here's what I am getting in the inside! A bunch of beauty and skin care products that comes in a sample size so that I can try and test it before I decided to buy the product itself. Loving the idea of beauty boxes. Whoever invented this, I wish you have a wonderful life because the Goddess of Beauty is blessing you from above.

I am getting an envelope full of brochure, catalogs, and gift vouchers from different vary of beauty brands. 

So let's continue with what surprises me within the box~

Lovely! Okay, let me get to you one product at a time.

The left one is a Black Round Cleansing Sponge which is sooooo great for an oily skin I am having. It will absorb the oils and the dead skin cells on my face and I am surely gonna use it daily, and on the right I got this Black Velour Puff with Handle, both are from Masami Shouko. Lola also gave me beauty tips that says black puff is better than the brown or the white ones because it allows me to see how much powder I pick up. Handy, isn't it?

The next product which is my favorite one is this SKIN79 Hot Pink Super BB Cream with SPF 25++ in a natural color tone! Since I am a daily BB Cream user, this one is the most useful sample that I am getting. And as if it wasn't enough, it comes with the Son Ga In's face on the package :D Well, I won't tell you how much I adore that woman because I wouldn't be done with this post, worry not.

The next product I am getting is this MAKE OVER Eyeliner Pencil Brown Latter that costs for about 75 thousand Rupiah. I think I'll use it this week and probably will write a review on this on a separate post. Let me get that to you later. 

I was pleasantly pleased to see CLARINS product on the box, well you know how expensive that product, don't you? So I got this White Plus Total Luminescent Serum and the UV+HP11 SPF 40 Teint sunblock that will protect against UV rays and pollution, again, perfect for the Summer Theme! In addition to that I also got the Air Lift Toothpaste that perfect for travelling as I can just put them inside my bag. 

And last but not least is this SAMPAR Poreless Magic Peeling Cream. I've read countless reviews of this product on beauty blogs so it was truly a treat to see this inside my box. Love it!

So yeah, that was the contains of The Lolabox May Edition which I am so happy to receive, and this makes me expecting more for the next month subscription. 

In a summary, I am getting:

  1. Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Serum (Retail price: 935.000 IDR)
  2. Clarins UV+ HP 11 SPF 40 Teint (Retail Price 700.000 IDR)
  3. SKIN79 Hot Pink BB Cream With SPF 25++ (Retail price 308.000 IDR)
  4. Air Lift Toothpaste (Retail price: 70.000 IDR)
  5. Masami Shouko Black Round Cleansing Sponge (Retail price: 23.500 IDR)
  6. Masami Shouko Black Velour Puff (Retail price: 28.900 IDR)
  7. SAMPAR Paris Poreless Magic Peeling Cream (Retail price: 425.000 IDR)
  8. MAKE OVER Eyeliner Pencil Brown Latter (Retail price: 74.500 IDR)
  9. 2x 20% Vouchers and Invitation from Beauty Couture
And all of these products you can get in only 145.000 IDR in total for the Lolabox May Edition.

So what do you think of the box? A delightful one don’t you think? And I've noticed they’ve been sending items also based on what you state about yourself in the beauty profile which I think adds a special touch since the box is personalized in a way.  Lolabox definitely has my vote because I think they’ve been doing well since its their debut box and I will continue subscribing to them.

Value: I paid 145.000 IDR and it's more than what I've paid because if I sum up the puffs and the eyeliner only, it reaches 125.000+ IDR so it surely worth more than 145.000 IDR and was definitely worth every rupiahs.  A+

Overall impression of the box: LOVE. Loving the theme, the packaging, the cuteness, and the message is so personal I feel like they knew me for so long. I obviously haven't had a chance to test much of it out, but I am SO HAPPY with this box. The value is through the roof, the products all get really high ratings on every site I've looked at, the products are great, and it came right on time.  A+

Overall impression of the service: Superb! For a start-up beauty company, they are doing just great.  A+

Way to go, Lola! I won't say much anymore just make sure you go to their website and subscribe on the next edition. 

Also, here is my video where I unboxed The Lolabox, sorry for the crappy quality but at least I can show you my excitement when I opened the box, happy watching!



  1. Haduhhh , envy sangatttt ;A; pengen subs nihhh , tp masih bs ga ya ? ;A;

  2. wow bener2 banyak isinya :D
    mw subs jg ah :)

  3. Dear Catherine & MI: thanks for reading :) go go, get your own beauty box! subscribe now to ^__^

  4. Looks better than the boxes we got here. :D