February 12, 2014

Grow, you Sunflowers. Grow well!

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Once upon a blue moon, I had a dream of me walking happily and running wildly through a breathtakingly beautiful sunflower garden and when I woke up it's like I was still able to smell the sweet and tender fragrance of those beautiful, beautiful things.

I have always had this special bond with flowers since I was a kid, I grew up with plants and flowers around me. Thus, perhaps, explains the meaning behind my name 'bunga' is literally 'a flower' in Indonesian. 

Anyways, I started reading and digging information on how to grow and cultivate them by my self, something I haven't do it quite seriously since the last time I studied, lol. And I am so blessed thank God for Ace Hardware, I came across their website and found that they actually provide sunflower seeds including its beginner growing kit. Aaaaawe~some!

Not wanted to wait any longer, I went to the nearest Ace Hardware from my office and bought one that day. Everything was so smooth it apparently didn't cost me much money. With only 58.000 IDR, I came home with the sunflower growing kit on my hand and a happy optimist silly smile on my face. Oh, and I bought some ryegrass growing kit as well. It's so cute I couldn't help it. I was, literally, grinning. Thinking of growing them on my own makes me somewhat happy.

At first, I wasn't hoping too much for I am used for that so called 'expectation leads to disappointment' thingy. But after I saw the instruction, I, then, thought like 'whatevs, hope for more, expect it to grow, put faith in it, it WILL grow like how it should be!'

And there goes back again, my optimism. :D

Here's the list of stuffs included inside the package:
  • Ceramic flower container 
  • 10 Sunflower seeds in the plastic bag
  • A handful of soil (or vermiculite - according to what it says on the paper)
  • Easily understandable instruction letter
  • A tin placard that I can write something on it to be attached inside the container later
Apologize for how I excited I was, I completely forgot to take photos of the package before I unwrapped it. So, here's the photo on the 7th day (right when I wrote this post).

The instruction itself is pretty simple and so easy to understand. Everyone should be able to do it. You should, too, grow it on your own. Seriously, go! 

Following the instruction carefully, I began to damped the soil in a bucket, mixed it well for 2-3 minutes until it absorbed the water. Then I dried it a little bit with my hand and put 3/4 of the soil in the container. Oh, before I put the soil in, I gathered some rocks and put it on the bottom, so that it can breathe a little. The only thing that bugs me is that the container are made from ceramic and it has no hole down under so I hope the rocks will at least help them to breathe better.

After putting the soil in, I sprinkled the seeds, all of them, evenly, then I put the rest of the soil covering the seeds. Remember not to give them any pressure, they still need some air inside.

That evening I re-read all the lines of the instruction twice or maybe more, hoping that I didn't miss any detail. And after I was sure I did all the process, I prayed. Go ahead, laugh at me. Or kindly pray together with me, that's probably even better and won't hurt anybody. :)

I did all those activities at the front yard of my office. Yeap, office. Then I also put the container at the corner of the back yard, right across my boss' room. You know what's interesting? It unconsciously makes me excited every morning, I found my self waking up and wanting to reach the office as fast as I can. Now that's something coffee can't do.

Day 5,  see the teenie tiny sprouts! 
Anyway, I watered it daily, took it a peek, talked to it (yeah, I know), and began writing journal about it. Today is precisely a week after I planted the seeds and oh my, I can't even express how happy I am seeing that all seeds are growing beautifully! Glimpse of hopes, yay! :D

Day 7

They said that it'll take 90-100 days until I can finally see it blooms if I really take a very good care of it. Yeap, 3 months, nothing 'poof' magically appear in an instant, you see. Especially beautiful things.

You know, once you start working on something, don't be afraid of failure, just don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest. It's proven really well on me. I am probably the happiest and most excited person on earth when I see my sunflower container every morning. I hope I get to see it blooms when the time is right. 

Some said that love can only blossom in those who let the seeds in. It, again, maybe is. And the smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of cynical. I don't know which is true, whether that it leads me to the path of happiness, or it leads happiness onto me. Both ways, I am grateful. 

Will update about the growth of it on my instagram and twitter account, perhaps. Do follow, will you? :)

Oh lastly, I haven't thought of any name to be written on the placard. Might as well give me some suggestion, perhaps? :)




  1. I bought the tomato one! (for my friends) but I'm so glad that this lil seeds are coming out from their comfy nest. And I like your words: "Nothing 'poof' magically appear in an instant, you see. Especially beautiful things". Take good care of em, pray hard and God will do the rest! :D

    1. will do, certainly. *crossing fingers* *ngajak ngobrol pot bunga nya* :))
      thank you and i hope the tomato plant grows well either. seeds of happiness indeed <3