June 28, 2013

[UPDATE WITH WINNER] Birthday Edition International Giveaway with DSKON.COM


And yes of course, since I think it was kinda special (d’uh once a year, B!) there will be a birthday-surprise-kinda-treat right here on my blog. Long story short, I decided to hold another sponsored giveaway to share my happiness with all of you. I hope I’m being generous enough with my new age coming up oh my gosh I'm old I’ll cry tears of joy (and hoy) in the corner of the room :D Anyways, I am officially 24 years old tomorrow (June 29), yeah I’m getting oooooooldaaaah~ 

So anyway, with this giveaway, those who didn’t win yesterday would have another chance and probably the luck is yours now ;)

Let's just hit the jump and see what it takes for you to get the prize~

The prize is Navy Bag by Archie & Garmentia from LocalBrand.co.id as seen above. This giveaway is sponsored by Dskon.com and partnered with LocalBrand.co.id as its merchant. 

Dskon.com is a shopping portal in Indonesia. Just imagine, tons of online shops in one site, with deals or discounts notification, pretty great right? I find it easier to shop from my favorite online shops through dskon.com. This website surely gives you the best deal from tons of group buying website in Indonesia!  

You can find a lot of deal such as information about discounts from any stores they're having the deal with. In addition to that, there are several categories stated, such as Fashion, Beauty & Health, Entertainment, Electronics, Culinary, Home & Garden, Sports, Automotive, Kids & Baby, and Travel. 

What makes it more interesting for me is none other than their owned blog. The blog mainly discusses about reviews of products, tips & trends in fashion, and latest updates on sales that will certainly be useful for online shoppers. It is like one website with many access!

And LocalBrand.co.id is one of their merchants. It is the trustable online fashion mall that I often visit, perhaps like almost every week. Why? It mainly because I love that they’re providing me with various stores of wide collective local brands from the nation, and most importantly their trustable services. I instantly became their loyal customer from just my first purchase back then, and I'm still shopping from them from time to time even until now.

So, what's the fuss about this Navy Bag by Archie & Garmentia?

The bag itself costs 199.000 IDR and I absolutely love natural color; navy, grey, brown, beige, and those ocean musk color in general. These natural colors can easily blend with any color palette without being too eccentric.

Here's some ideas I made in polyvore~

Grocery shopping or just hangout with friends at your favorite café or mall? This bag will be perfect for your casual stylish look. 

Bringing out the inner feminism? I bet you sure want to wear this bag with your favorite white short dress that makes you look even sweeter than ever.

Looking for a little bit formal attire for important calls? Well I can say that the bag will definitely make you stand out amongst all those clients you’re handling with.

Loose Tops + Casual Toms + Favorite Jeans + Black Liner = chic look for daily activities. 
All those items + Navy Bag = Et Voila Perfect!

Summer holiday is up right at the corner. Wear this bag to put all those must-have-items for holiday. Don’t forget to bring your pocket camera along~!

Now let's get going to the Terms & Condition!

The giveaways begin from today (June 28) until July 13. Any entries received after the closed-date will not be included.

In order to enter, participants are required to do the following:

  1. Register your entries in http://www.dskon.com/40584-giveaway-2/ by filling out the form
  2. Like Facebook fanpage Dskon.com -> http://www.facebook.com/dskon
  3. Leave a comment on this Giveaway post with these following contents: your name, your country, your twitter account, your email address & a sincere birthday wishes for me
  4. Fill your entries in the Rafflecopter widget below (It is mandatory because I will pick the winner from the widget supported by Rafflecopter)

It is an International Giveaway so the giveaway is open for everyone! Yes, for you too! :D

Additional points are offered by comments on Dskon Facebook Fanpage (any posts), follow Twitter @dskon_com, follow my twitter @bungaistyani, tweet about the giveaway, and subscribe to my blog by clicking the flowery bralet on the upper right sidebar on my blog.

You can also get more chance of winning by spreading about this giveaway on your social site. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s try your luck and I’m sure this bag will be yours soon. Good, good, good luck guys! :*


And the winner of the Birthday Edition International Giveaway with DSKON.COM is......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Titiw A., the Navy Bag is yours now! You will be contacted by DSKON.COM via email. Kindly respond to the email within 4x24hours for the shipping purposes.

Thank you for all the entries. I read everyone of them, all the wishes, all the prayers, I am grateful. They are all very touching and I am deeply moved by the wishes. I hope someday I can run another giveaway/freebies and make you all the winner. You guys are the best~! I feel so blessed. <3 :")



  1. Name : Meisza Adilla Herssy
    Country : Indonesia
    twitter account : @MeiszAdilla
    email address : meiszaadillaherssy@gmail.com
    birthday wishes for Bunga : Dear Bunga Istyani, happy beloved bday for you dear. Enjoy ur new age, keep creative and keep blogging dear. Success for ur life , ur love story and ur blog <3

  2. Name : Thais Fernanda Magalhães Correia
    Country : Brazil
    twitter account : @thaat
    email address : yeahitsthaat@hotmail.com

    Happy bday dear, God bless you so much and your family, I wish sucess for you and your blog! my wishes for you in my language is "Feliz Aniversário" <3

  3. Celena Clause
    Country: Canada
    Twitter: none
    Email: celena-anne@hotmail.com

    Happy birthday! I can see from your previous blog posts you've had an amazing run so far! Consider yourself as having a new follower :) Hope you enjoy your day and live it to the fullest

  4. Name: Ingrid Diane de Lima
    Country: Philippines
    Twitter: @jevaisvivre
    Email address: idddelima@gmail.com

    Happy Happy Birthday Dearest! ^_^ may your generosity today be returned a hundred-fold as you begin this another year of your life. I wish you genuine happiness and heart's peace! <3

  5. Name : Dita Zahara
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @ladyditazahara
    Email : ditazahara@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday for you dear \^_^/, may God always bless you, sucess for your blog and May all be good and all come true On this very special day for you...

  6. Name: Yuen Lim
    Country: Vietnam
    Twitter: @yueykabuey
    Email: limzhuoyuen.bis@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday <3! Wish you all the best on your very special day! Don't forget to indulge + treat yourself with lots of cake + presents ;) Have an amazing one!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  7. euzhan marsaningtyas

    aku sangat berharap smoga mbak bisa sehat terus, dilancarkan kerjaan dan usahanya,,dikabulkan doa-doanya. menjadi yang terbaik buat diri sendiri ataupun orang lain.. aminn
    maaf dlm bahasa indonesia ya mbak

  8. Name : Ellen Tazkia
    Country : Indonesia
    twitter account : @ellentazkia
    email address : ellen.elbana@yahoo.com
    birthday wishes for Bunga : Liebe Bunga, hehe. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum vierunzwanzigsten, und wünsche dir zu deinem Geburtstag alles Liebe und Gute, verbringe einen wunderschönen Tag im Kreise deiner Lieben. "SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN" xoxo

  9. Name: Danny,
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter id: @DannyKojima
    Email address: Danny.Kojima@gmail.com

    Happy birthday! Wish you all the best and joyful birthday. Enjoy your new age ^^

  10. Name: Meutia
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter id: @muttiiiiaaa
    Email address: meutianuraini@gmail.com

    I wish you'll be a better person again, more beauty, more kind, more smart, etc. And I hope all your dreams come true.. Amiin :D

  11. Name: Clare Donna
    Country: Malaysia
    E-mail: claredmj@gmail.com

    Sending birthday blessings filled with love,peace and joy.Wishing sweetest things happen right before your eyes.Many Happy Returns of the day, Happy birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday!
    Be always happy and smiling, finding joy in the small things in life! Have a great party :)
    Name: Dimana
    Country: Bulgaria
    Twitter: @dimitta
    Email: ianariddle@abv.bg

  13. LOL.. Sincere Birthday Wish to You! :-D

    Name: Jayne
    Country: Malaysia
    Email: As per Google Profile
    Twitter: -nil-

  14. Name : Meitha Siregar
    Country : Indonesia
    twitter : @meithasiregar
    email : meithaayusiregar@gmail.com

    happy birthday to you! hoping you have the best birthday and many happy returns! stay pretty and forever young xx

  15. Name: Wania
    Country: Italy
    email: appuntidivanita@yahoo.it

    Hope you'll have a lot of fun and many happy returns!!

  16. Name: Cindy Sahera
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter account: @shinheera
    Email address: shinheera.suju@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday Bunga~~ :3
    Semoga apa yang kamu harapkan di kemudian hari akan tercapai, dan kamu selalu bahagia dalam menjalani kehidupanmu yak! :D

  17. Name: Elisa Marchetti
    Country: Italian
    Twitter account: @wagashistories
    Email address: elisa.marchetti1@gmail.com
    On FB my name is: Gianluigi Pessia

    Happy birthday to you! May you have a wonderful time with your friends and family! ^.^

  18. Name: eugenia ghica
    Country: romania
    Twitter account: @bohemiansin
    Email address: eugenia19832003@gmail.com/bohemian_sin@yahoo.com

    I wish yu the most beautiful gardrobe for your b day.

  19. Name: Fauziah Nadha Hilmania
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @fauziahnadha
    E-mail: fauziahnadha@yahoo.com

    Happy birthday, dear! May God bless you and always give you the best! Stay beautiful and unic! The most important, i hope you always thanked for all the things that God give to you. Much love xoxo

  20. Happy Bday, with all my heart <3
    Samantha Tedesco
    twitter: @samanthatedesco

  21. Happy happy Bday to You!!

    Adrienn Luzics

  22. First of all:Happy Birthday to you my dear!
    And thank You for this gret giveaway!
    My name:Soraya Helena Ben Othman
    Fb:Jens Ken Lundstrom
    My email:Melodie10@gmx.fr

  23. Name: Mandip Das
    Country: India
    Twitter account: @MandipIsHere
    Email address: mandipwithloveraj@gmail.com

    Wish you a very very happy birthday sweetheart. May God bless upon you through out your life. Have a blast and enjoy the moment to the extent! :)

  24. Name : Selfi Tipani
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @Miss_Self91
    Facebook : Selfia Tipani
    E-mail : miss.self.azure@gmail.com

    Hi dear Bunga, Happy Birthday to you.
    Hope every wishes, dreams of your will be true soon.
    And GOD will keep the best for you.

  25. Name: Joana Bento
    Country: Portugal
    Twitter: @JoanaPatrcia2
    Facebook: Joana Patrícia
    Email: midnight.sight@hotmail.com

    Have a Great Birthday, with lot's of food and with happiness, family and friends! Because that's what matters

  26. Valerie Theberge
    Have a Great Birthday!!!!!!!!! :)

  27. Name: Theresia Syanli Octavia
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter account: @TheresiaSyanli

    I hope your birthday is a happy one and filled with surprises, pleasure and fun! Today is the day when we all celebrate the unique talents that you have been blessed with. May God always guide you to use your gifts and talents to help others. Have a greet birthday also Happy birthday Bunga! !

  28. Name: Giuditta, Sedna on rafflecopter
    Country: Italy
    email: se_dna@tiscali.it
    (●ꈍ ◡ ꈍ●) My Best wishes in this special day ⊰⊹✿

  29. Name: Qinthara Nabillah Septiani
    Country: Indonesia
    twitter account: @qiqinns
    email: qintharanabillah@gmail.com

    selamat ulang tahun kakak bunga. semakin sukses blognya dan semoga tuhan selalu menyertai kakak :)

  30. name, ..nick name trillina palemi
    country, italy
    twitter account, @trillina_palemi
    email address, palemona@libero.it
    happy birthday by hearth
    that you can do all you wish

  31. Name : Neneng Novesha Dewi
    Country : Midle Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Twitter account : @nnoveshad
    Email address : nnovesha@gmail.com

    Alles gute zum Geburztag. ;) Ich liebe dich ({})

  32. Rebecca Moeller
    Happy Birthday!!

  33. Kimberly Camille Tiu
    Twitter: kimtiu37

    Happy Birthday!! Wishing you all the best!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Samra Softić
    email: samra_softic@hotmail.com
    twitter: @kardiomioptija
    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Happy B-day :) whis you all theeeeeee best :)

  36. Tamara Bidari
    twitter: @taraswt
    email: tamara.bidari@yahoo.com

    Happy birthday Kak Bunga, wish nothing but the best for you<3 have a joyful day! stay beautiful and fashionable ;)

  37. Shinta RD
    Bandung, Indonesia
    sh1nt4_rd @yahoo.com

    Slamat tepang taun, nyak. Sing solihah....

  38. fb: Milù Bijoux
    email: milubijoux1974@libero.it
    hope and serenity

  39. Name: Diah Ayu Wardani
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter account: @diahayuwrdn
    Email address: diahayudoang@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday to you, sweet. As increasing your age, i hope you are be a wise. Given by the God what your aspire. And the most important i hope you be better than ever.

  40. Marie Aquino
    Twitter: machukoy1
    FB: Ging Grey
    Email: ging.grey@gmail.com

    "No wise man ever wished to be younger" (Jonathan Swift). But we just want to be younger-looking, right? :D Happy birthday to the one who grows older with grace and beauty! :) Just some general well-wishes of good health, wealth, happiness, and more blessings. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! More beers, oops, more years to come! ;)

  41. nia m
    email: swaggymaggy@gmail.com
    twitter: @nikhita07
    Country: india

    Wish u a very Happy B-day :) good wishes and luck to u.thnx for the giveaway

  42. I wish you a big happy birtday :D

    Name - Isabel Almeida
    Twitter : @isabel_ac
    contry : Portugal

  43. Name: Sonia Massa Trucat
    email: sonjam_84@hotmail.it
    Twitter: @Sonia06665574
    Country: Italy

    I wish you a great Birthday, luck and joy for all your klife!

  44. Happy birthday! I hope all your dreams came true. :)

    Name: Denisa Ivascu
    Email: make_me_smile82@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @Denisa4d
    Country: Romania

  45. Paula Kulichová
    I wish you to have really nice birthday! Enjoy your day and have a beautiful life. :)

  46. FB=GFC Alessandra Pedone
    twitter @ale_ped74
    mail ale_ped74@libero.it
    Country: Italy

    Happy B-day :)

  47. Tasha-Ann Torres
    From the US
    Twitter @Tashaplusboxes
    e-mail: chunchun808@outlook.com

    Happy birthday! I hope it's absolutely fantabulous!

  48. Sherl Bastien
    United Stated

    ♥❄♥ ¸.•*´ ♡♥ ❇ ★ ♡♥ ☆ `*•.¸ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ¸.•*♡
    ♥ ❇ ★ ♡♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆ *•.¸ ♥❄♥
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ¸.•*´♡♥ ❇ ★ ♡♥ ☆ *•.¸ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  49. Christy Denton
    United States

    Happy Birthday, girlie! Hope it's your best one ever!

  50. Name : Eka Wahyuni
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter account : @ekabyan
    Email address : ekabyan@gmail.com

    Dear Bunga Istyani, selamat ulang tahun ya, semoga makin berkah di sisa umurmu, makin sayang dan disayangi keluarga dan orang2 disekitarmu..makin sukses buat blognya,,dan terakhir semoga bahagia lahir batin dunia akhirat..amien.

  51. Name: Anna

    Happy Birthday!!!!!Moi pozdravlenia !

  52. Cathy Brown

    Happy, Happy Birthday

  53. Name: Apple Grace Refuerzo
    Twitter account: https://twitter.com/iloveyoshihiro
    Email address: applegracerefuerzo@gmail.com

    Happy ♫ birthday ♫ to ♫ you ♫
    Happy ♫ birthday ♫ to ♫ you ♫
    Happy birthday, ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
    Happy ♫ birthday ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
    Happy birthday to you!!

  54. name : Gladyssia Kinssy
    country : Indonesia
    twitter : @skinnykinssy
    email : kinssyjahja@yahoo.com
    Have a lovely birthday, dear! I hope you will get all that you want in your life :)

  55. name: keumala andari
    email: solitary.moment@yahoo.com
    twitter: keukey
    country: Indonesia

    happy birthday, Bunga!
    your special day has come by again,
    well my dear I wish you happy birthday once more.
    an abudance of good wishes for you are in store. hehehe

  56. name : dara andina
    country : indonesia
    twitter : @daraandina
    email : dara.andina@yahoo.co.id
    Happy birthday kak Bunga! success for you and get what you want, amin.

  57. Name: Yulia Aristy Arini
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @liyaristy
    Email: aristyyulia@gmail.com

    언니, 생일축하합니다!
    I don't suppose that you've stepped on the age of 24, you still look young *o* yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!

    Make a wish, and follow it wherever it leads you. Wishing you that this year is filled with friends and fun. Wishing that you have lots and lots of birthday fun. On your big day you are wished all that you hope for, all that you dream of, all that makes you happy. On your special day I wish you to pick some flowers, have some tea, and spend your time leisurely. Wishing you happy endings and great beginnings. I wish you a peaceful mind, joyous heart and a successful life. Pleasure and fun, joy and cheer. Luck and happiness that stay all next year. Hope your birthday brings all these to your door. Filling your life with delight and much more. ^.^
    Once more, happy birthday Bunga! ^.^

  58. Arune

    Su gimimo diena :)

    hope that all your wishes will come true this yer ;)

  59. Name: Elisa
    Country: Indonesia
    Email:q qawaii_xinying@yahoo.com
    Wish: Happy birthday! ;D I wish you luck in every part of your life, wish your shop will get more buyers, wish your relationships will be wonderful whether with family, lover, or friends, of course :D Make a wish, dear, I wish that wish will come true :] have a great year ahead!! ^^

  60. Name: Dian Ariska
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @dianarska
    Email: Ariskadian0@gmail.com

    HAI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Semoga sehat dan sukses selalu. Jangan umur doang yah nambah, kedewasaan juga yah :)

  61. Ciprian Hriscu
    cipbtro @ yahoo . com
    Happy Birthday!

  62. Name : Indah Wahyuningtyas
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter account : @jazzMdazz
    Email address : Indyaz90@yahoo.com

    HAllo ka Bunga Istyani happy belated birthday, tahun ini semoga makin ciamik,diumur yang baru menjalani harimu semakin fantastic, tentunya selalu cantik &forever young, fashionnya semakin chic,blognya makin futiristic, selalu memberi magic kepada kami penggemar setiamu. Tetap mengukir prestasi,penuh dedikasi dan tetap membumi. I love you,Tuhan menyertaimu :))

  63. Chikurova Olga
    I wish you to have really nice birthday!)

  64. Name : Firda
    Country : Indonesia

    Detik ini aku hanya ingin menyapamu dengan satu doa
    semoga Tuhan selalu melimpahkan cinta-Nya di hatimu. semoga panjang umur. Semoga langkah-langkahmu semakin matang
    dan selalu membawamu ke arah yang lebih baik
    Happy Birthday... *terompet*
    moga blognya makin sukses.. orangnya juga ! ^ ^

  65. Name: Maegan Morin
    Country: Canada
    Twitter: @fahlinstar
    Email: megnate at telus dot net

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day :D

  66. Name : Fanny Febriana
    Country : Indonesia
    FB : phanie1002
    Email : fun.ph4nie@gmail.com

    hi Bunga..
    happy birthday..
    i wish u have a belated birthday..
    and hope ur dreams come true dear..

  67. Name: Anis Farhana Aliman
    Country: Malaysia
    Twitter: @anis_farhana
    Email address: anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com

    Hello there! I wish you a happy birthday and a better years to come! We never meet, but I hope you'll be happy in whatever you do in your life! Much love from your neighbor country! ^^

  68. Name: Daria Nikulina
    Country: Russia
    Twitter: @grabesstilled
    Email address: grabesstilled@gmail.com
    I wish you happiness in life, family and work on the blog. Stay always so beautiful! I am interested to read your blog!

  69. name : Desty Carolina (acil)
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @deecede
    Email : desty.dinasty@yahoo.com

    hey Bunga Happy Birthday happy Cake Day Happy Happy happy day. Youre getting Older Now. your Blog Describe how Amazing You Are. Seriously Youre Full Of Awsomenes.Few Years Ago You just came To This world As A Newborn And Foila Now youre Woman. Prety Awsome Smart And have A Great fashion style. Wish You Be a Lady. Smarter. Be wise. Good Health More More And More Happyness Awsomeness Peacefull Adorable and Lot Lot And Lots Of another Good wishes Hope God Give you the best In Youre Life protect you And Bless You. haapppiii Busshdaayy happyy Birthdaayy Happy Cake Day happy Happy Happy
    didoain paling bagus buat kaka. makin makin semuanya deh
    lapyuuu <3
    pibussdaaaaayy Selamat Ulangtahun yaaaah ka Bungaaa :3

  70. Name: Dennice Hillary Del Valle
    Country: Philippines
    Twitter: @DenniceHillary
    Email address: hilley_502@yahoo.com

    Hi there! Tho we don't know each other personally, I am wishing you a very belated happy birthday! I hope you did enjoy your day, everyone deserves to enjoy their day right? :) Hope you'll have a productive and wonderful year! May God bless you! :) Again, happy birthday! :)

  71. Name: Anna Adona
    Country: Philippines
    Twitter: @ako_ang_nagwagi
    Email: anneadona@gmail.com

    I sincerely hope you always stay healthy because without health, you don't have much else. Blessings to you and your family! Happy birthday! :)

  72. name: Paula Patricia Medalla

    I wish for you to get everything your heart desires, what will make you and other people happy too.

  73. Name: Mia Gita Ismillah
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @miagits
    Email address: fly.fly.away@hotmail.com

    happy birthday kak bunga cantiikkkk :))
    semoga di umur kakak cantik yg ke 24 iniiii kakak semakin dewasa, tambah cantik pastinya, makin sukses, panjang umur, makin lucu blognya, sering kasih giveaway (eh :D), jadi anak baik, kakak baik, pacar baik pokonya semua yang baik baik hehe aamiin o:)
    sekali lagi selamat ulang tahun kak Bunga Istyani \^^/

  74. Nancy T
    dollphat (at) gmail (dot) com

    Hope you have an amazing birthday filled with lots of love and presents!

  75. name: vanisa desfriani
    twitter account : @ishavanisa
    email address : ishavanisadesfriani[at]gmail[dot]com

    happy birth day to you..
    may everyday bring something new and exciting for you
    may this brithday turn out to be as amazing as you :)

  76. name: Meliyana Wahyu Putri Pratama
    country: Indonesia
    twitter: @meliyana_putri
    email: meliyanaputri26@yahoo.com

    hello bunga,, this is your birthday right???
    I hope you always happy, Wish you all the best, and God always protect you.
    and another,
    let's be friends !!!!! :-D

  77. Name: Ririn Rahayu
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @RiriinRR
    email: ririnr37@gmail.com

    Hi Bunga, happy birthday! :) wishing you have a great year, may God always bless you and give everything that you want in your life. Enjoy your birthday! :) xx

  78. Name: Monica Calangian
    Country: Philippines
    Twitter: @enchantressnica
    email: monica.calangian@gmail.com

    Happy birthday to you! You are such a kind and generous person to offer such sweet gift not only to your readers but to visitors as well. More wonderful years to come to you!


  79. Name : Fedra Inês Félix Pires Ribeiro
    Country : Portugal
    twitter account : @bebecas093
    email address : bebecas93@hotmail.com
    birthday wishes for Bunga : Dear Bunga Istyani, in this special day i wish you the best, i hope you can get everything you want in your life and you'll be very happy, keep smiling and happy birthday! :)

  80. Marion Weir

    and last but not least:
    Hope you had a great birthday :)

  81. Name : Syafiatuddiniah
    Country: Indonesia
    Twitter: @tuty_utut
    Email : tuty.utut@gmail.com

    Hai..May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer. You're not getting older, just more distinguished...H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y...

  82. name: Patrícia Braz
    country: Portugal
    twitter account: @pattybraz86
    email address:patty.braz@hotmail.com

    Hope you have an amazing birthday filled with lots of love and presents! :)

  83. name: Diana Balan
    country: Romania
    twitter : diannab15
    email: diannab15@yahoo.com
    I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!

  84. Happy Birthday! Good health and peace and the angels say: AMEN! Kisses!

    E-MAIL: ilana.prudente@gmail.com
    TWITTER: @llanaPrudente

  85. happy birthday >,<
    Aulia Puspita Sari
    twitter : @auliapuss
    email : auliapuspita.13@gmail.com
    country : Indonesia

  86. Name: dwi ayu
    Twitter: @dwioranye
    Email: dwi_20@yahoo.com

    happy birthday bunga :D
    semoga semakin berbunga-bunga :) makin sukses dan makin yg baik-baik aja deh :)

  87. Name: Ima Setiani
    Twitter: @ImaSetian
    Email: ima.setian@yahoo.co.id

    Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.
    "Happy BirthDay Bunga Istyani. Stay young,keep healthy n May Allah bless you"
    The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. ^^

  88. Name : Syarifah Rosita Dewi
    Country : Indonesia
    twitter : @shita_aKa
    Email : shita.dewi66@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday for u sista , i wish you always be happy n get more happy everyday . :)
    and i hope that u can be succes more than .
    I love u , i wish u love me too :D
    hug u , and i always pray for u ..

  89. Name : Ditha Pratiwi
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @diprats
    Email : dfhlow.down@ymail.com

    Yayy Happy Birthday Bunga!! Have a super 24 birthday, enjoy your day, and wishing you all the best, may all happy returns and your wishes become fulfilled in your new age. Keep charming and awesome as always! Cheers! :)

  90. Name : Nena Ardila
    Country : Indonesia
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    Happy birthday Bunga, wish you all the best.
    Semoga sukses dan lancar apapun yang diinginkan. dan semoga berbaik hati memberikan hadiahnya buat aku. hehehe

  91. Name: Amel Aura
    Country: Indonesia
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    happy birthday sista Bunga! wish you all the best, more blossom and beautiful like a flower :)

  92. name : Grace Dana Ayori
    country : Indonesia
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    happy happy birhtday kaka cantik. salam kenal ya ka! the best wish for you, hope you've a longlife, to be useful and success person in your future, and many more xoxo :)

  93. Name : Nila Kussriani
    Country : Indonesia
    twitter account : @lanilaa
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    Heyya dear :))
    happy birthday beauty :* all the best for you!!

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    from me, to your special day :)
    may be it is not too special, but there is something special gift except a gift items, it is a precious prays :)
    I wish for your best, for your carrier and your personal behaviour in others views, because it is important to you, by always create your amazing blog, it is a good thing to build your personal imagery. and finally, wish you enjoy your age

  96. OK.. Where should I start? Of course the bio first.
    My full name: Rahmayanti Akmar, but you can call me Titiw, I live in Indonesia since I was born. Already followed your twitter from @TitiwAkmar and If I win, you can send a surprise email to linger_nation@yahoo.com. Hoho.

    Oh my.. 24 already? Such a big girl! By big, I mean a lil bit older. Of course you're not big because apparently you've lost many kilos from your workout rite? ;) Yes, I read your articles a lot, and IMHO, it could help a lot of people, - ordinary ones - to boost their confidence by doing the same things as you've done. Like the workout, the healthy eating, and all.

    That's why I like about this blog. Empowering. Anywayysss.. Happy birthday to you, hope all happiness showered you in most fun ways. And as wise man said, birthdays are good for you, because statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. CHEERS! :D

  97. Hi

    I am Surbhi Agarwal from India and a reader of your blog.My twitter account handle is @surbhiagarwall
    My email is - surabhi.careers@gmail.com

    It is my heartiest wish that you grow and also achieve more milestones in years to come.Wish you a blessed and fulfilling life ahead :-)

    Stay Successful !!


  98. name: novia ceacelia
    Another year has passed. May you have all that you wish for to come true,happy birthday sweety;)

  99. Fini amalia

    Happy belated birthday kaka bungaa ;)
    Semoga hidupnya semakin menyenangkan dan tetap bermanfaat untuk orang lain ya kaka cantiiik :))

  100. thanks for invite me :D
    btw, happy birthday. Semoga selalu sukses,sehat selalu,impiannya semua tercapai,dapat berkah terus,panjang umur :D

    Name : Intan Shafa.
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @inthaaaaan (https://twitter.com/inthaaaaan)
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  101. Awwwwwe happy birthday babe! Have a great one and I wish you all the best! <3

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    epi born de cantik :))

  103. Name: Fika Vidiana
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    Birthday Wishes for Bunga:
    Dear Bunga, Happy Birthday! Wish you all the greatest things in your life. Stay young, beautiful, success for everything you do. Many happy returns & much blessings to you, baby!! :*

  104. Name : Isaura Ellya Octiyani
    Country : Indonesia
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    otanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu bunga.. Happy birthday to you.. wish u will get everything you want.. your name is same as my sister. god bless you always.. ^_^

  105. name : Mentari sinaga
    Country : Indonesia
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    Dear bunga,
    selamat ulang tahun dear, semoga di ulang tahun yang ke-3 ini membawa berkah bagi bunga :)
    semoga bisa menginsipari kaum muda di dunia, terutama di inonesia. harapan saya semoga bunga semakin sukses dan bisa semakin memasuki pasar internasional dan diteria dengan baik di dunia :)
    dan semoga semakin memberikan kreasi-kreasi yang tak kalah dengan yang lain. caiiyooo bunga, jankaulah dunia :)

  106. Name : Kingkin Rizki Amalia
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter : @kingrizm
    Email : casa_amarello@yahoo.com

    Hi Bunga,
    June 29th its your birthday, and I wish you; may all your heart desires will come true, that health and happiness will Embrace you and that you will Conquer at least one of your goals this year^^

  107. Name: Nadya Trinova
    Country: Indonesia
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    Happy birthday kak bunga, may all your dreams come true and I wish you the best in future endeavours. xx

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    Happy Birthday Bunga Istyani (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ)~♡ , welcome to the new age, hopefully long life and good health,hopefully the ideals and love come true, be a good person, successful in all respects, blessed afterlife ,all the best wishes for you friend, amin amin (‾ʃƪ‾)♡

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    Hello Bunga,
    Wish you a Belated Happy Birthday from India. May you celebrate & cherish many more of them.
    I'm glad that I came across your blog, wonderful posts. May your blog achieve lots of success and love from all around the world.


  110. Happy Birthday from kate Burton, katbur2win@yahoo.com, US, @kathyskontests

  111. Name: Elena Rudaya
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    Happy birthday, dear! I wish all the best to you, and that your dreams came true!

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    Country: Indonesia
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    Happy Birthday Bunga Istyani! May all your dreams come true and I wish you the best in future endeavours.

  113. Name: Nur Halisa Herina
    Country: Indonesia
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    Happy birthday, cutie!
    I hope the best for you and God bless you!
    And, Hopefully given good health, long life, gets the right partner, and always a success!

  114. Name : Yesika Dinta
    Country : Indonesia
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    Hi Bunga, Happy birthday! Di umur kamu yg baru ini, aku harap kamu bisa lebih dewasa, lebih positif dalam bertindak. Semakin mudah menggapai apa yg kamu mau.
    Tetap jangan lupa ber do'a, tetap berada dalam lindungan Tuhan.
    Orangtua, dan keluarga adalah yang terpenting.
    Raihlah ke suksesan dan gapailah langit. Enjoy your new age!

  115. Monika Lintang Retnani

    Wishing you happiness on your life :)

  116. Zeyna Ayudhia Ramadhani, Indonesia, @ZOnDgirlz, zeyna.dhia@yahoo.com & Hi Bunga. Happy B'day. Wish U all the best and God Bless U.

  117. Andari Jamalina Pratami
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    Happy birthday for you! wish nothing but the best for you! ;)

  118. Name:courtney gibson

    I hope your special day is everything you hope and wish it is!Happy Birthday!

  119. Name:norma anisa
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    happy birthday to you!be more than awesome,everything good for you,everything you want you can reach it,be the lucky one.god bless you ;)

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    Happy birthday to you! long life, good health, given the ease and success always from God,what you want is reached, always success on your job!inlcude God in all all struggling ♡♥◦°˚˚˚°◦G☺d♡Bl姧◦°˚˚˚°◦• °•♡ⓣⓗⓐⓝⓚⓢ♡♡☀Å♏έN☀♡

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    Happy Birthday to you! :D I wish you all the best! Selamat Ulang Tahun (That's "Happy Brithday" in Bahasa Indonesia) God bless you :)

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    Good Times are always best when shared with a close friend! I hope that today is the beginning of a great year for you. May you have glowing year ahead. Wishing you only the very best time on your Birthday, girl!

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    umm.. i just hope you will be better and better, what you want is reached, and you can proud your parents.. happy birthday!!

  124. Name : Eki Windiari
    Country : Indonesia
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    Happy Birthday to you
    As increasing your age, I hope you are be a wise
    Given by the God what your aspire
    And can be succesfull in the future

  125. Roxanna Angle
    Twitter @g0ldylox1

    My family and I wish you the happiest birthday! May you have a magical birthday month.... because one day of celebrating is not long enough!! xo

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    Hello sist … Sebelumnya aku udah ngoment di http://www.dskon.com/40584-giveaway-2/#comment-145744 juga >.< hihihi semoga nggak masalah :D
    Karena kita sesama Indonesia, ada baiknya menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia dengan baik dan benar hehehe
    Halo kak, namaku Dian Maharani. Aku dari Indonesia, lebih tepatnya dari Provinsi Bengkulu. Hayoo, tau nggak lokasinya dimana :p hihihi
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    Seperti ucapan ulang tahun biasanya, semoga panjang umur dan sehat selalu hmm … dskon punya kakak yaa? Semoga sukses sama usahanya dan usahanya lebih berkembang lagi aamiin
    Boleh tau kakak tinggal dimana? Hehehe ~ Kalo misalnya di LN, jangan lupakan Indonesia yaa. Aku sempat kaget loh liat face kakak yang agak “asing” tapi namanya enggak :p hihihi
    Pokoknya yang terbaik semoga selalu berpihak pada kakak. Jangan lupa berdo’a, karena di usia ini pastinya rintangan lebih banyak dan terkadang do’a kitalah yang bisa membantu kita O:)
    Akhir kata, Selamat Ulang Tahun kak Bunga *nebar bunga*
    make a wish here please —> ………. <—
    Semoga apapun yang kakak inginkan tercapai O:) aamiin ~

  127. Name : Regita Shandra Nirwana
    Country : Indonesia
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    Hai, Sist..
    Happy Birthday. Selamat Ulang Tahun, feliz cumpleaños, saeng-il chukkae hamnida, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Ied Millad, joyeux anniversaire. I just gave you a birthday greetings in several languages. Hope you will be better and success! God Bless You O:)

  128. Name: Michelle Katherine Tan
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    First of all i just want to greet you a belated Happy birthday! :D Its better late than never right? I do hope you had an awesome day on your special day and had a blast celebrating it. Wish you will have more to come and be filled with blessings.

  129. Name: Mai Xeng Xiong
    Twitter: xbuhnxeng

    Wow I feel extremely late on this...

    I am so sorry for not being able to post this on your birthday or a day earlier. I may not know you, but I wish you had one of the best birthdays ever. It always means something when someone tells you happy birthday. You may not see it, but you are appreciated by others, and may you be bless on your birthdays every year. Happy BELATED Birthday.

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    Happy Birthday Bunga. Semoga makin kreatif, dewasa, sayang sama keluarga, tetep berkarya, makin sukses, dan pastinya makin stylish.
    God bless you girl :*


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    birthday wishes for Bunga : Dear Bunga Istyani, Happy birthday to you! long life, good health. Enjoy ur new age, keep creative and keep blogging dear. Success for ur life ^_^

  133. Happy birthday! I wish the best for you and hope that you'll have a great birthday and an even greater rest of the year :)

    Name:Kerrin Treas
    Country: US
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  134. happy birthday kak Bunga atau blognya heeh aku bingung yang mana yang ulang tahun sebenernyaa....
    semogaa tambah sukses, keren, kece, gaull ahhahaha, dan lain lain yang positif2 deeeh hehehe
    God bless you kaak and the blog :D

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  135. Name : Ribka Tiomaida
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    Happy birthday to you,sist. maybe i cant bring you something to make you happy. but i just can pray for you life. i pray so that your wish come true. i love you <3

    selamat ulang tahun kakak. mungkin saya tidak bisa memberikan sesuatu yang membuat kakak bahagia. tapi saya hanya bisa berdoa untuk kehidupan kakak. semoga apa yang kakak inginkan terkabul ya. aklu cinta kakak <3

    saengil chukha hamnida, Eonni <3

  136. Name : Niken Setya Arimas
    Country : Indonesia
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    Happy birthday Bunga! may God always protect and bless you, give you a long life, and be mature :)

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    Happiest of birthdays to you!!!! May it be filled with joy and love :D

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    Thanks for the chance

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    My best wishes for a furious and voracious day filled with plenty of smile and laughter.

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