June 10, 2013

Binge Eating and How To Bounce Back From That

Ever dieting too much and ended up starve yourself, then one day you decided to give a treat to yourself with a donut but suddenly can’t stop eating it although you feel so full but you just can’t stop yourself and losing control?

Well, I did. And yes, that’s called binge eating when it happens regularly. You just can’t stop, you have this urge to eat, you eat until you you’re more than full, then you feel guilty right after, but on the next day it happens again. 

It happened to me before until I realize I need to stop binging. But you know what, getting back from binging is something that wasn’t easy if you just blaming yourself. 

Binge, or over eating, is considered as one of the Eating Disorder that we need to be careful because it literally can happen to anyone unexceptionally, even if you’re one of the health-conscious-eating person.

Binging is an uncontrolled ingestion of large quantities of food within a short time period, often accompanied by feeling out of control over the eating taking place. 
We have all overeaten at one time or another, most notably around the holidays or on a special occasion. I think we have all gone back for seconds (or thirds) on Eid/Christmas/Thanksgiving, or had an extra slice or two of cake at a birthday party. So when does the occasional overindulgence cross the line into the realm of real binge eating?
That isn't always easy to define. But if your days and weeks are becoming more filled with sessions of overeating and guilt; if thoughts of "bad" food and "good" food are constantly on your mind; and the lines between enjoying a small piece of cake on occasion and eating the whole pie are becoming more obscure, it might be time to step back take notice.

For those of us who struggle with occasional binges that are more annoying and guilt-providing than obsessions or compulsions, there are a few tricks you can implement to keep yourself on track and avoid bingeing.

So hit the jump, read more, and take a look at this How To Bounce Back After a Binge tips as written in sparkpeople.com:

  • Don’t purge. I know it’s really hard to hold back from it, especially if you’ve done it before, but it will not benefit you in any way

  • Don’t reduce your calorie intake for tomorrow (or any of the days following) to nothing. It might seem like a logical plan, but if you restrict tomorrow, you’ll never get into a normal cycle of eating. You’ll be constantly ricocheting between binge and purge, starve and binge, purge and starve. You’ll never be eating normally.

  • Remember that it takes 3500 EXCESS calories to gain a pound. This means 3500 calories on top of what your body already requires to function on a day-to-day basis. It’s highly unlikely your stomach can even hold this much, much less double that, so it’s very unlikely you’ll gain more than two pounds from this! Your progress is not back at zero. Your efforts so far are not null. This is just a little bump in the road.

  • Put on comfy clothes. Honestly. Tight clothes will just make you feel worse. Feeling bad = more binging. Take off those tight jeans, and put on some cozy sweats.

  • Use your binge as a learning experience. What triggered it? Did you feel out of control? Did you actually want all the food you were eating, or were you just eating for eating’s sake? Did you even like the taste of some of it? Do you think you binged because you deprived yourself of a treat you wanted earlier? Did you binge because you’ve been starving all day and just couldn’t take it anymore? Try and understand your binge, understand what your mind went through when your hands were reaching for all that food. The more you can understand the reasons behind your binge, the better you’ll be next time at preventing them—when you’re standing in the middle of a binge, it actually has nothing to do with willpower, it’s usually the result of decisions you made much earlier. 

  • Remember that you are NOT a failure, bad for eating, undeserving of life, or ugly because you decided to give yourself what you really wanted.

Now for the fun part.

Tomorrow, wake up all bright and sunny. Leap right out of bed (Note: when wondering how to get out of bed, the answer is always “leap.”) Have a delicious bowl of healthy for breakfast and get really excited about feeling awesome all day because of all the healthy food you’re going to bless your body with. Take a walk, if you’d like to. Smile all day long. Drink some water or make a sassy detox water to help you refreshed. 

But don’t purge and don’t restrict. Eat how you’d normally eat, cause you’re a normal eating healthy person who does not fall prey to freak eating cycles. You don’t need that shit, look at you, you’re hot as hell.



  1. Belakangan nih lagi kayak gini, binge eating yang sudah jadi emotional eating :D

  2. Yes bahaya kakak :) Binge eating is an emotional eating..

  3. paling serem sama eating disorder... kayak binge ini dan bulimia.. hope people realize that these are not good at all..


  4. indeed it's scary and not even funny thing especially for mocking. thanks for reading Helena :)