May 1, 2008


If I fell apart today you would never know.
Even if I crashed down from the final blow, I'd be dead inside and torn apart, but you would never see, coz I'd fake a smile and a laugh; it's just part of being me. Destiny and Fate are just things we blame. Because we can't take that it's our fault that our lives are so lame. When we're tired and alone, and numb to the bone, nothing feels right, the world is shattered. And I'm just living off these pieces I've gathered. I try to make you happy, but I don't know why, I die to hear your laugh and see that look in your eye, that tells me that you care, that something is real. And now I'm begging, begging not to feel. But the truth is that hiding will only make it worse, I'll just end up hoping that it's a nightmare not a curse. But who am I to judge or say what I only think I feel? I only know my heart is cold and eyes are icy steel. I'm tired and I'm sick of this, so now I'll say goodbye. Just hoping, just thinking, that inside I just won't die.

1 comment:

  1. bungaa. aku ketinggalan jauh bgt deh the story of ur life. kangeen. crita2 doong bungaaa. :)