April 22, 2013

Being Cute in the Kitchen

Since I changed my lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle along with healthy food and stuffs. I kinda spent more of my times in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, preparing weekly meals, yadda yadda yadda. I even left my hairdryer in the kitchen yesterday and I don't even know why.

And so I found that my kitchen is very unorganized and I had to find a way to organize it and still make it look cute as well. Cute things make your mood better, right? So it goes in the kitchen. Good mood equals good food.

To cut it out, I looked up in the internet and stumbled upon these extremely cute labels that will make my kitchen prettier. And I want to make my friend goes 'aahw' everytime they step into my kitchen.

Thanks to Wordlabel for coming up with the idea and creating such a wonderful free printables label to organize my kitchen.

Look at this cuteness that I can easily apply to everything in my kitchen:

So cute, right?

And it goes really well with the glass jar, my favorite kind of jar.

They have two different colors that we can choose to match with our kitchen, black and greenish. Here we go~ Click the jump for more and then click the download link below the pics for the hi-res printable labels of each pictures. 

And it makes me even happier that they actually provide the blank label for each design. How generous is that? :) 

Not enough? Of course, I got more for you guys.

My spices can now be soooooo spicey~ yay! :) Okay, okay. Yes I got more for I know you want it. Here we go~

That was pretty much all. Download the hi-res version in the link below every pictures and print it on a sticker white paper or just plain white paper, cut it nicely on the lines and stick it to your jar of spices.

Happy being cute in the kitchen~


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