August 26, 2013

Before The Coffee is Over

She sat by the big window on the first floor of an unpopular quite fine coffee shop and bakery between a famous Dutch restaurant and a Japanese supplies center. This is their favorite place; this is where they met for the first time, last year. The girl is always punctual, thirty minutes before the agreed upon time. And he is always late, two hours, at least. She expected him to be late, but he got there early; just right after she seated. No one spoke until the waiter came.

He smiled and said, "What do you like to drink?" 

"Same as yours." she replied, motionlessly.

"You sure? Hot?" he asked her back, raised his eyebrow. She nodded.

"It's okay. I learned to drink it hot already."

"We’ll just have one hot black coffee and the iced one for her. Thank you." he ordered her favorite nevertheless.

The waiter left and until he came back with their orders, nobody still speaks. The guy sighed and started drinking, the girl just peek through the window.

"Don’t you like it? It’s our favorite. Remember the first night we met here? You have drank like two glasses of this coffee!" he tried so hard to give out a little laugh. The girl sat still. He pretend to be really consuming the coffee while observing through the corner of his eyes.

"You know what I love about this place? The coffee tastes consistent and the ambiance feels really great and relaxing. You know what I think I should inquire for a franchise of this coffee shop. Clara knows well in business and she-"

She interrupted, in her lowest tone. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry we have to end up this way, pretending as if it’s nothing. You don’t have to tell me how good she is in business or whatsoever. I knew it. I should know, that is why you’re always late for the past eight months. This coffee break is just for formality. Thank you for the treat. Have a good night."

The girl left without looking back. 

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