September 30, 2013

Yourganic, your healthy choice of Almond Milk

Hi it's me again with a healthy lifestyle related post. Apologize, no beauty nor make up reviews et cetera this time :)

If you happen to know me before, you must be familiar with a kind of lifestyle I am currently favoring. I am a fitspo enthusiast, I do sports, I do intermittent-fasting, and I try to consume healthy food as often as I can. Yet, I still have my own one cheat day within a week. Well, the pizzas and sate ayam are the treats I won't ever deny :p

Anyway, when we're on diet or restricting our food intakes (not that I do it, and nor that I support you to do that anyways), sometimes we find it hard to choose what to drink and we ended up drinking water and just water all the time. So if you're not a coffee drinker, or getting bored with the everyday-teas, and moreover, cow's milk, let me introduce you to an awesome stuff: almond milk.

There are so many brands that claimed they're selling Raw Almond Milk without any fatty sugar these days. But, let me tell you something: do not easily believe it. If you can feel a very tiny bit sweet taste in it, then it contains sugar. No doubt.

Now, if you are looking for a healthier choice of almond milk, you can try this one: Yourganic Raw Almond Mylk. Hit the jump for more of the tasty~ 

Huge thanks to Yourganic, I got the experience to taste all 4 flavor types of their products, plus a damn delicious Almond Butter. 

Now here's my thought, if you are familiar with soy milk, I guess this should not be a problem for you. Well, almond milk are more tasty than soy milk after all, but it naturally has some similar scent with the later. 

Almonds, themselves, are known for being wholesome because they're packed with vitamin E and contain the healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids so it's good for your heart. It has thousand benefits and it has lower calories than regular milk. 

The alternative most suitable for you depends on your overall diet or reasons for avoiding cow's milk is clearly: almond milk. You can also try several options and its own healthy benefits like soy milk for a little extra protein and calcium, rice milk for baking and a glass of almond milk for a low calorie snack, for example. 

I munch a lot of almonds as snacks and I like it because it's definitely healthier than any other industrial snacks I tasted. Several sites also said about how delicious and healthy almond milk is, and it is one of my favorite drink by now. 

This is my personal review and it's none concern if you have different types of diet, but I clearly favor almond milk.

Soy milk contains a lot of proteins, but doesn't contain high levels of vitamins and minerals found in almond milk, so it's often fortified with calcium and vitamin D to bring its nutritional quality more on a level with fortified cow's milk. 

Rice milk? Not really my choice. But hey, both are good milk alternatives for those who have milk allergies or are lactose intolerant. 

I don't have any problems drinking regular milk, but this is a delicious drink all on its own. It has pleasant slightly nutty flavor which I love. I drink it straight, and also find it to be real good with cereals. I put it in my black coffee and I saw it works too. 

So, Yourganic.

Yourganic offers 4 kinds of flavor and they are: original, matcha, sweet dates, and my most favorite: coffee

Because it's raw and no sugar or any preservatives added, Yourganic Raw Almond Mylk (I love how they put the Y instead of I, by the way) lasted only for about 3-4 days at best. It has to be stored in the refrigerator and it's better to drink it in their cool and chilly temperature. It has the similar style with the taste-less soy milk but adds a subtle hint of almondy that I don't know how to explain it with words. If you found soy-milk taste to be blueeeegh, then I suggest you to try the tasty Matcha flavor of Yourganic Almond Mylk.

It has thicker texture, refreshing effect, and the more I drink it, the more I enjoy it.


  • Taste : 4 out of 5. Hey, I am a milk drinker anyway! It's definitely taste better than soy-milk. 
  • Ingredients : Filtered almonds & water. Anything else you can ask directly to Yourganic themselves. 
  • Nutritions : I am not a nutritionist I clearly don't have much to talk about this but as far I as know, it contains no sugar. 
  • Best time to drink : breakfast & post-workout. Straight from the refrigerator would be thousand times better. Nyam!
  • Repurchase : absotively and posilutely!

What about the Almond Butter?

Come to my office at around 4 PM and you'll find me eating a whole wheat bread with Yourganic Almond Butter spread on it. It is THAT tasty! I gave 10 out of 10!

How to order? Follow their Instagram (@yourganic) and you can ask them directly for the price.

Last comment on those healthy beverages and butter: highly recommended :)

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