July 15, 2010

Dear You

My hands have been tied around my back for quite some time. My mouth is dry and when I woke up this morning you were the only thing I could see because it was pouring again. This isn't an apology.

I may not know your name but sometimes there is no clouds and I believe in sunshine and a little wind child blows me like some sweet song you sung cause some people know how to sing.

I am the most amazing human being that you will ever meet. I do not care anymore. I was once capable of anything, I mean I still am. And where is everyone like you, I have not found anything close to a partner. I'm sorry I ever let you know.

This was bullshit. This is bullshit. Maybe I should just be quiet. But I've got so much to tell you. Like how this is the only place I feel alright. Yes, right here. Where I can tell you about everyone you ever loved by just a glimpse. I will tell you everything. There is no place I would rather be.

I did not mean to start things out this way. Maybe it's all the clouds. I lied, there are no clouds. One day we will rise up and let the ocean wash away all the memory. I was in love once, and I will not be quiet now.

I meant to start all the things differently. My words are all dusty and a bad cough. I would like to be on the back of that motorcycle again. Feel the winds that blowing through our ears. And I am not sorry anymore.


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