August 7, 2013

Maybelline Red Revival Review

HELL YEAH! I got another product to be reviewed from, and this time the assigned product for me is this Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Revival.

At the first glance, I was impressed by the packaging immediately. It's all-plastic. Kinda old school casing- very retro Guerlain for some reason, to me. Red semi sheer casing and shiny chrome inset. Classy!  Oh I forgot to mention that the smell is slightly old fashioned retro scented too – smells like those lady in The Great Gatsby movie (well, not that I ever smelled them though). 

Hit the jump and read through for my honest review~!

Color Sensational was always be on my beauty products shopping list. I've tried a few of their Color Sensational lipsticks (the other one is the Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Loving Red product) and I've always loved it. The latter one is much more moisturizing but it’s also has the less pigmented texture.

Here’s a comparison of color between those two:

And a closer look

As you can see, the color is more pigmented and not too sheer compared to the other one. It adds dimension and makes my lips looks fuller, plus you don't actually have to apply any lipgloss. 

For some reason, not many too people are fond of Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick line. For me I really like it! It doesn't settle into creases and the color is pretty long lasting for a drugstore brand. I don't find the formula too drying at all but pretty moisturizing compared to most. 

Although this is a bluish red shade, and suits best on fair complexions, it looks equally great on dusky women. As most bloggers say this shade is a dupe of MAC Russian Red, but I wouldn’t be able to compare because I do not have the latter. This shade is opaque and goes well on pigmented lips. The texture is semi glossy and it glides on effortlessly and leaves a shiny finish. Oh! How I love the deep saturated color. Bold and very vibrant.

Here's the lipstick on bare lips, no liner nor coats.

The color is a gorgeous deep berry. The texture is so nice on the lips. Its also beautifully pigmented but the only thing that matters is that the color lasts only for 4-5 hours! I don't know what it'll look like after eating or drinking.

The color is fun though and makes me think of those songs about lipstick on your collar. This is the sort of lipstick that will leave a mark on your boyfriend collar is you lean on him. I think it's perfect for a night event because it’s so vivid, but also gets me in that retro glamour mood.

(illustration from the internet)

  • Overall score: 4 out of 5
  • Pros: cheap (around 65.000 IDR), bold & vibrant color
  • Cons: not long lasting, need to bring it along in your bag to apply it from time to time
  • Repurchase: Heck yes, absolutely!

So yeah, I guess that's all my review on this product. It's a really great lipstick product and the price is good. Tell me what do you think about it and kindly tell me what's your favorite red lipstick in the comment section below. 



  1. Kak, lebaran2 malah pake lipstik merah kak. Itu menandakan iblisss! Hahahaha.. Nice review anyway.. Kalo aku jadi brand kecantikan & kesehatan mah bakal sering2 ngasih gimmicks ke kamu kak. Karena kamu NIAT. Gak kayak blogger2 lain. #eh. x))

  2. @Titiw: KAK! :))))) ahahaha hamdallah aja deh :D